Styling tricks for thinning hair

Learn to love your thinning tresses with these easy styling tips.

Styling tricks for thinning hair

Hair thinning can be experienced with the increase in age. It can be triggered by genetics, or an unhealthy diet or lifestyle. It is important to understand that thinning hair is different from the fine hair as thinning hair refers to hair loss that creates bigger spaces between strands. On the other hand, fine hair consists of very thin individual strands of hair. With proper styling techniques, unique cuts, and hair colouring, you can disguise your thinning hair and create the illusion of thicker hair.

Tips to style your thinning hair

  • If you have thick hair in front, you can try bangs to create a fuller look. Colouring the lower strands in a deeper colour is a clever trick for creating a volumizing effect in your hair.
  • Cutting your hairs into layers will add fullness to your hair. It will give movement to your tresses and eliminate the wispy look of your hair. Also, by cutting the underlayer of your hair an inch shorter than the upper layer, will add more volume to your hair.
  • Colouring your hair will give a unique depth to your hair. Getting highlights is a sure shot way of adding dimension to your hair instantly. Highlight also swells the hair shaft that makes your hair look fuller.
  • Hair begins to look thinner if it's too long. Try to keep your hair above shoulder length to make it appear thicker. You can try various haircuts such as bob cut or pixie cut that looks extremely stylish while giving you a fuller look.
  • Mousse gives an instant volume to your hair without adding any stickiness. Apply the mousse on your damp hair and use a wide-comb tooth, to evenly distribute it on your hair strands. Try to avoid greasy gels and creams that weigh down your hair.
  • Blow-drying your still-damp hair will make it susceptible to frizz and damage it further. If possible, dry your hair completely before using a blow dryer. Also, use a round or paddle brush to straighten your hair. For effective blow drying your hair, pull your hair in the opposite direction, and point the nozzle at your roots. After completing the blow-drying, flip your hair back, and it will give plenty of volume to your hair instantly.
  • Add some texture to your hair by using a thickening spray. Use a lightweight spray that adds volume to your hair without weighing it down.
  • Thin hair tends to get oily fast, and daily shampooing it will make them dry and fragile. Instead, use a dry shampoo in between hair-wash days to make your hair look clean and healthy. Dry shampoos or powders absorb oil and add textures to create volume without adding unnecessary weight to your hair. You can try volumizing dry shampoos that not only create a fresh look, but will also do wonder to lift your roots.
  • Shampoos that are formulated to combat hair loss and support hair thinning such as Nourkrin Shampoo or Nanogen Thickening Treatment Shampoo may be beneficial to you.
  • Deep heavy conditioners do not work very well thin hair. It tends to make your hair lifeless, giving extra weight to your hair. Try to use a light conditioner such as a serum or a leave-in conditioner to moisturize hair. It is important to apply your conditioner only on your ends and avoid the roots completely.
  • When using heating tools such as straighteners or curlers, make sure that they are set at a lower heat setting. Using heat protection products before heat-styling your hair will protect your hair and keep them damage-free. If possible, eliminate the use of heat-styling products from your hair routine. Experiment with different hair-styles that uses minimal heat.
  • Using products formatted to work with thinning hair is the key to style your hair effortlessly. Look for products that have volumizing agents to give your hair a thicker and fuller look.

It is important to embrace your hair and create styles that work with your hair. These tricks will help you to enhance your current look and add a new dimension to your personality.