Minoxidil for hair loss

Learn everything about minoxidil: How it works and how it can help to regrow your hair.

Minoxidil for hair loss

Hair loss is a common problem affecting both men and women. Some individuals begin to experience hair loss right from their teen years while others experience the signs with the increase in age. Various factors can affect healthy hair growth such as hereditary conditions, certain medications, unhealthy eating habits, hormonal changes, skin conditions, and others. With the development of medications such as minoxidil, it has significantly helped to revive hair regrowth.

How does Minoxidil work?

Originally Minoxidil was used for treating high-blood pressure. However, it was noticed that the medication resulted in a side-effect which caused an increase in hair growth. This led to the development of Minoxidil as a hair growth treatment. It is still unclear how its mechanism affects hair growth, but it is believed, to effectively increase hair follicles and thickens the existing hair sh making them more-visible.

Minoxidil is a topical medication applied to the hair scalp. It prolongs the growth phase of the hair follicles and prevents further hair loss in addition to encouraging healthy hair growth. The medication increases the blood flow that stimulates the hair follicles and help revitalizing them by working deep within the root. It helps to reverse follicle miniaturization and stimulates the hair follicles to move from the resting phase to growing phase.

The treatment is approved for both men and women and is extensively used to treat male-pattern baldness and female-pattern baldness. There are two strengths of Minoxidil scalp solution available in the market; 2% solution and 5% solution. Although 2% solution works best for women, 5% solution is suitable only for men. It is an OTC drug and works best when you start using it as soon as you see the first signs of hair loss.

How to use minoxidil scalp solution?

It is advisable to read the product's information leaflet to determine the entire procedure of its application.

  • Before starting the treatment, make sure that your scalp and hair is completely dry. Part your hair to expose the scalp area where you need to apply the solution. A wide-tooth comb can also be used to part your hair.
  • Using the preferred applicator, take the recommended dosage in your hand and rub the solution gently over your affected scalp. Massaging your scalp is advisable, however, take care that you are gentle and do not cause any hair damage. Wash your hands off once you apply the solution.
  • You can comb your hair in your usual style, once it dries off completely.
  • Usually the medication is needed to be applied twice a day, for better results. However, if you miss a cycle, do not double up your solution but apply it in normal dosage when the next one is due.

How soon can you receive the results?

The treatment can take up to 16 weeks or more to show any signs of visible hair-growth. However, in the first few weeks of the treatment, you may suffer from temporary hair shedding. Old hairs that are lost make the way for new healthy ones and the process of new growth cycle begins. New hairs might be soft and barely visible for the first few weeks after it appears. It is believed that with the continued use of this medication, new hair eventually begins to appear in its natural texture and colour.

Side-effects of the treatment

As with any other medication, minoxidil has also got a number of side effects, although not everyone experiences it. Usually, the side effects wear off with the passage of the time, but if the symptoms persists or worsen, it is best to speak to a doctor. Side effects include headaches, skin irritation, itching, dry skin, or redness in skin. Also, experiencing hair loss after two to six weeks of treatment is considered fairly normal. Complicated side effects such as chest pains, rapid heartbeat, or feeling of dizziness can also prevail in some circumstances and requires immediate suspension of treatment. If you suffer from any side effects that persist, it is advisable to discontinue the treatment till the time you consult your doctor.

Popular minoxidil treatments available in the market are Regaine Foam For Men or Regaine For Women. You can consider taking them if you are experiencing hair loss. However, it is important to take a doctor's opinion before starting any medications.