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Hair Thickening Fibres

Learn everything about hair thickening fibres to effectively combat your hair thinning problems.

Hair Thickening Fibres

Hair thinning is referred as losing hairs that create space between your hair strands. A human head has normally up to 100,000 hairs on a healthy scalp, and it loses around 100 hairs per day on an average basis. However, in some cases, the hair loss is aggregated and results in more than the usual shedding of hairs, leaving a wider parting or a thinning crown. It can be caused by different factors such as hereditary conditions, hormonal changes, stress and tension, unhealthy lifestyle and food habits, excessive styling, scalp problems, and more. With products such as hair thickening fibres, it has become possible to hide the balding area of your head and create a volumizing effect on your scalp.

How do hair thickening fibres work?

Hair thickening fibers are formulated to blend with your hair with specially developed ingredients that creates the illusion of thick hair. The tiny fibres when sprayed on the scalp become statically charged creating a magnetic effect that binds with your existing hair.Usually, the scalp experiencing baldness and thinning hair contains many tiny colourless hairs all over it. Your existing hair and these tiny hairs bonds with the thickening fibre and gives you a natural looking pattern on your scalp. The fibres are made from complex organic protein such as keratin that quickly amalgamate with the existing hair and gives a natural looking effect. It helps to restore hair in wide partings with scattered hair loss and in thin crown areas. It disperses tiny-hair like fibres on your scalp that fuse with your existing hair texture and colour and conceals the bald area of your scalp.

How to use the product?

  • It is advisable to use thickening fibres when your scalp and hair is completely dry.
  • Depending upon the form of the product, you need to slightly angle the container and lightly shake the jar over your thinning hair to evenly disperse fibres over your hair.
  • After dispersing fibres, you need to blend them gently into place using your fingers.
  • You can repeat the above process till you get a complete coverage. Also, you can blend in different shades to get the perfect colour that matches your natural hair.
  • Applying a holding spray over your fibres will bind them more securely making them water-resistant.

However, it is best to read the information on the product's leaflet to guide you through the process of applying the fibres effectively on your scalp.

Benefits of hair thickening fibres

Hair thickening fibres instantly increase the hair volume and minimize any signs of baldness. It is touted to be completely undetectable and eliminates any appearance of thin hair.

Easy application: Fibers are extremely easy to apply and take less than a minute to apply it. It electrostatically blinds each strand of hair creating a fuller looker and giving a natural feeling of density on the scalp. The easy to use container disperses the fibers evenly on your scalp, leaving your hair thickened. It is also portable and easy to carry around.

Natural appearance: With so many colors available for thickening fibers, they easily merge with your existing hairs and create a natural head of hair. Various colours such as black, dark brown, medium brown, grey, blonde, and auburn ensure that the fibers matches with your existing hair. The results are remarkably natural looking hairs that are virtually undetectable to the naked eye.

Stays all day: The fibers bond hair so securely that they stay all day long. Most of the products can resist rain, strong winds, perspiration, and other climatic changes. It is proved to be reliable in binding any hair irrespective of its hair type. You can also use Nanogen Hair Fibre Locking Spray to lock the fibers in its place and resist any movements.

Safe to use: These fibers are usually safe and devoid of any complications and side-effects. They do not inflict harm on your scalp or damage your hair. It is also believed that hair fibers do not cause scalp irritation or infection.

Drawbacks of hair thickening fibres

When used properly most high-quality hair fibres shouldn't come with any negative side effects - but that doesn't mean they are totally safe.

Irritation and Redness: You should carefully check all ingredients to make sure you are not allergic to the hair fibres. Irritation can also occur if you have a very sensitive scalp.

Inhaling the Fibres: A study published in Toxicology Sciences suggests that repeated inhalation of nanofibres over a long period of time could cause health problems similar to Asbestosis. Additionally, some hair fibres may contain ingredients that could be damaging to your lungs if significant amounts are inhaled over a period of time.

Bumps and Pimples: If the hair fibres are not thoroughly removed from your hair they can clog your pores and cause bumps and pimples on your scalp.