Hair Loss Treatments That Work

Find effective hair loss treatments to curb your diminishing hairline.

Hair Loss Treatments That Work

Hair loss, or alopecia, is becoming an increasing concern for men and women. Several factors can cause sudden hair loss such as ageing, stress, smoking, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, environmental effects, genetic factors, scalp infections, and certain underlying health conditions. You can prevent hair fall by following good hair hygiene, regular cleaning, and maintaining a well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

You can try various hair loss treatments at home or invest in good over-the-counter products, to combat your hair fall.

How to treat hair loss by massaging your scalp

Massaging your scalp with natural hair oil, like coconut or olive oil, can reduce your hair loss and strengthen your hair roots. Gently massaging the scalp will lead to increased blood flow to your hair follicles, and will not only strengthen your hair but will also relax you. There are various oils such as coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, or almond oil that can be beneficial for your hair scalp and will help to condition your scalp. If possible, give your head a gentle massage once a week.

How massaging aloe vera can help treat hair loss

Aloe Vera is very effective to treat problems of the hair scalp. Pure aloe gel can be helpful to prevent hair loss that can be caused by infected, irritated, or dry scalp. The healing property of aloe juice balances the pH level of your scalp and strengthens your hair roots. Apply fresh aloe gel on your scalp and wait for two hours before washing your hair with lukewarm water. Following this regime twice a week will toughen your hair.

How massaging curds can help treat hair loss

Curd is an excellent hair loss treatment that not only prevents hair loss but also improves overall hair quality. It is touted as one of the best natural hair conditioners. You can mix curd with lemon juice and apply it on your hair to make it shinier and healthier. This natural hair mask prevents dandruff that can be the root cause of your hair loss.

How massaging eggs can help treat hair loss

Eggs are a rich source of protein and minerals that promote hair growth. Conditioning your hair with eggs can rebuild damaged hair and toughen your hair. Take the egg whites and mix it with a teaspoon of olive oil. Apply this solution to the entire scalp and keep it for about half an hour before washing it with a mild shampoo. You can reap in benefits of the egg by including egg conditioning treatment in your daily regime, to help build stronger hair. It is important to remember that strong hair is the foundation for preventing hair loss and maintaining growth.

How massaging green tea can help treat hair loss

Green tea is rich in antioxidants that help to prevent hair loss and boost hair growth. Brew two bags of green tea in a cup of water, and apply the lukewarm mixture to your hair and keep it for an hour before thoroughly rinsing it. It will stimulate your hair cells and combat hair fall.

How massaging coconut milk can help treat hair loss

Coconut milk is considered a rich source of nourishment for hair follicles. You can grind the freshly-grated coconut and squeeze it to remove its milk. Massaging with this coconut milk will nourish your scalp and reduce hair fall.

How medicated shampoos can help treat hair loss

If you regularly suffer from hair loss, supplementing these treatments with good hair fall shampoo can be beneficial. You can try using dedicated hair loss shampoos to prevent hair fall and fortify your weakened hair roots. Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo C1 stimulates your hair growth and slows down the process of hereditary hair loss leaving you with healthy and shiny hair. If you have coloured your hair, you can consider using Plantur 39 Vital Caffeine Shampoo For Coloured Hair, to repair your damaged hair and promote hair production.

If natural hair fall remedies fail to control your hair loss, you can also consider using hair loss capsules to prevent baldness and thinning of hair. You can try Regaine Extra Strength for men or Regaine For Women & MediGro Hair Loss Treatment Pack for women to strengthen your existing hair and encouraging new hair growth.

If you find over-the-counter hair loss treatments or natural remedies are ineffective, you may want to consider a prescription treatment with Pharmacy2U's Online Doctor service. You can speak with an experienced, registered doctor about your hair loss. They will discuss and consult with you, recommending potential options and treatments available to you. 

Before you try any of the above hair treatments, make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients or products. Do read the labels of hair defence products carefully before using them.

If your hair fall is persistent, it is always advisable to consult a dermatologist as soon as possible.