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Tips and Advice

Tips and Advice

Our medical team are on-hand for any advice you need, or browse the categories below for further useful information.

Doctors Advice


Advice hub for all things Covid-19, including information on germs, managing your mental health in lockdown, and how to guides from the comfort of your own home.


Take action to control your allergies. Breathe easy by learning more about how to manage symptoms.

Blood Pressure

Get information on dealing with Blood Pressure, so you have one less thing for you to worry about.

Baby & Children

It's impossible to keep children healthy all year round, so keep yourself up to date with the latest treatments & prevention techniques.


Need help managing or learning about Diabetes? This section offers information which should help answer your queries.


Discover how to help keep your digestive system both happy and healthy, and learn about the problems that can occur.

Emotional Health

Just as important as physical health, learn how to manage and maintain yours.

Cold & Flu

Learn about symptoms, preventions & treatments so you can recover fully, sooner.

Hair Loss

Discover how to cope & treat the symptoms of hair loss & thinning.

Heart Health

A healthy heart equals lower cholesterol, blood pressure & improved circulation. So find out how to look after yours.

Joints & Mobility

Bones weaken as we age. Learn how to look after and maintain your joints and keep yourself mobile.

Pregnancy & Parenting

Both daunting & overwhelming. Discover what to expect when you're expecting.

Pet Health

Our pets need just as much care and maintenance as humans do, so read on to learn how.

Sexual Health

Sexual Health care is depicted as embarrassing, when in fact it is mature & responsible. So learn how to take care of you & your partner.

Skin Care & Beauty

Discover how to take care of your skin effectively & let your natural beauty shine through.

Stop Smoking

Want to quit but unsure where to begin? Read on to gain helpful advice about quitting smoking, relevant information & tips.

Sports Nutrition

Doesn't have to be confusing. Read on to gain helpful hints, tips & explanations to sports supplements.


Need to see more clearly? Here's some information to help you find out how.

Weight Management

Discover tips on how to reach your target weight & how to maintain it.

Women's Health

Here we'll look into common women's health conditions or concerns.

Men's Health

Here we'll look into common men's health conditions or concerns.


A one-stop shop for handy tips & advice when travelling abroad & ways to stay healthy whilst on holiday.

General Health

Looking after your general wellbeing is the best way to help you stay fit & healthy.


Feet work hard, so it's important to keep them healthy so that mobility is not impaired. Read more to discover how to take care of your feet effectively.

Vitamins & Supplements

Vitamins, Supplements and nutrition boosters for all your health needs.