Medications and Treatment for a Sore Throat

Try these sore throat treatments to get immediate relief from your sore throat.

Medications and Treatment for a Sore Throat

Sore throat is a common physical symptom, and it is usually caused by a viral infection of the throat. It results in a burning or tickling sensation at the back of the throat, discomfort when swallowing, and tender and swollen glands in your neck. The symptoms may be accompanied by sneezing, fever, or coughs. With various over-the-counter medications available for treating a sore throat, it has become fairly easy to get respite from the painful symptoms of a sore throat.

Some effective medications you can try for sore throat treatment

Beechams Max Throat Relief Lozenge Blackberry

Beechams Max Strength Sore Throat works efficiently to bring relief to your sore throat, pain, and irritation. The soothing Blackberry lozenge provides an immediate relief from a sore throat caused by a cold or inflammation. It contains hexylresorcinol, an anesthetic that relieves your sore throat by numbing the pain, and a mild antibacterial for killing germs. They are ideal for individuals looking for a quick sore throat treatment to alleviate their pain and irritation. It should be remembered that children under the age of seven should not be given this medicine without your doctors direct advice.

Difflam Throat Spray

Difflam Throat Spray is a fast-acting oral pain remedy to treat painful mouth or throat conditions, such as gums, mouth ulcer, or sore throat. The active ingredient, Benzydamine present in the spray is a painkiller and acts, as a local anesthetic to numb your throbbing pain. It is designed in a manner, to provide direct treatment to your affected area and confer targeted pain relief. Individuals who have undergone a dental surgery might find this spray useful to treat inflammation, and pain experienced after a surgery.

Glycerin Lemon & Honey Cough & Sore Throat Oral Solution

Glycerin is renowned for its active properties to relieve the symptoms of sore throat and coughs. Glycerin helps applying a smooth coat over your throat's mucous membrane and calms your inflamed membranes. Lemon and honey have therapeutic properties that not only give an excellent taste to this solution, but also help to calm irritated throat. Drinking a spoonful of Glycerin Lemon & Honey Cough & Sore Throat Oral Solution every four hours may help to alleviate the dire symptoms of a sore throat.

Day & Night Nurse Capsules Duo 24s

Day & Night Nurse Capsules Duo delivers effective help to combat the symptoms of a cold and the flu during both the night and day. The daytime capsules are non-drowsy allowing you to carry on your routine activities while the night-time capsules aid restful sleep to give your body a much-needed rest. It helps to diminish symptoms such as tickly cough, shivers, aches and pains, blocked and runny nose, sore throat, and headaches that are common with a cold and flu. These capsules are ideal for individuals who are looking to shorten the duration of their cold and flu symptoms.

Vocalzone Pastilles

Vocalzone Pastilles provides a potent formula to give relief from troubled throats caused by excessive singing, smoking or speaking. It contains active indigents such as myrrh and peppermint oil, both well-known for calming the inflamed throat and lessening the irritation. Myrrh is a powerhouse of anti-inflammatory, astringent, antiseptic, analgesic, and antimicrobial properties that efficiently treats inflamed gums, tonsillitis, mouth ulcers, and sore throats. Professional singers and orators who use their throat tissues excessively may find this sore throat treatment highly beneficial and useful. It also eases the irritation of the throat caused by the common cold or smoking.

Night Nurse Liquid 160ml

A good night's sleep is crucial when suffering from the cold and flu. Taking proper rest strengthens your immune system and helps your body to fight back the viruses. Night Nurse Liquid 160ml helps you get a relaxing sleep ensuring easier breathing and combating your cough. It contains paracetamol that acts as a painkiller, antipyretic to bring down your fever, and promethazine that dries up the runny nose and help breathing. The liquid also helps to get relief from tickly coughs and its glucose syrup calms a sore throat.

If your symptoms worsen or recur, be sure to get expert medical advice as soon as possible. It is important that you read warnings on the labels of the above medications to know about the prevalent side effects. If possible, do consult a medical practitioner before taking any medications.