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High Cholesterol Levels - What to Do?

Make necessary changes in your life to fight your cholesterol problems.

High Cholesterol Levels - What to Do?

High cholesterol increases your chances of heart disease and heart attack. You can help high cholesterol problems by making positive changes in your lifestyle and taking cholesterol-lowering medications. By making the following changes in your daily routine, you can promote healthy cholesterol in your body and decrease the risk of health problems.

What can you do to reduce your blood cholesterol?

Lose weight: Excess weight is the prime cause for high cholesterol levels. Even losing a little weight can contribute significantly towards lowering your blood cholesterol. Try to do regular exercises, keep a close eye on what you eat, and remain as physically active as possible. Look for creative ways to incorporate physical activity in your daily routine such as walking to superstores, playing with kids, or taking a cycle to work. Even a little change can reap you excellent results.

Eat the correct food: A few changes in your diet can go a long way to improving your body cholesterol and confer you a healthy body.

  • Choose healthier fat instead of saturated and trans fat. Fats found in red meat, or dairy products raise your body cholesterol. Go healthy by eating leaner cuts of meat, low-fat dairy products and slim milk.
  • When going shopping, try to look closely at the label to know about the various nutritional contents.
  • Vegetable, fruits, and whole grains promote heart health and help to lower cholesterol.
  • Smart choices while eating will help you to improve your high cholesterol levels. Next timewhen you feel hungry, eat fruits instead of store-bought snacks or try adding veggies in your casserole instead of meat.
  • Oily fish are extremely high in omega-3 fatty acids that help to lower bad cholesterol in your body. You can choose from salmon, mackerel, tuna, herring, or sardines. Vegetarians can opt for ground flax seeds, almonds, or walnuts to replenish their omega-3 levels.

Exercise regularly: Exercising will not only reduce your weight, lower your high cholesterol levels but will also help to prevent many other heart diseases. It does not matter what form of exercise you choose to do, till the time you do it regularly. With your doctor's approval, try to find time to do at least thirty minutes of exercise every day. You can take brisk walking, cycling, swimming, or yoga, or anything that piques your interest. It's important to find something that you enjoy, which will help you to do it on a regular basis.

Smoking: Smoking is linked to major heart diseases such as blood pressure, heart attack, heart failure and rising cholesterol, among others. Try to cut back as much smoking as you can, and if possible, try to quit it completely, as it will help you significantly in achieving your goal. Nicotine is considered to be the prime cause for many heart ailments, therefore, avoiding it will promote healthy health.

Supplements: You can consult your doctor, and take dedicated medications to help your cholesterol. Medicines that fulfill your body's requirement of omega-3 fatty acids can help you to fight cholesterol. You can consider taking Bioglan Red Krill Oil, which contains essential fatty acids and also promotes cardiovascular health. ResverMax Pure High Strength Grape Extract may also help you to lower your blood cholesterol.

It is important that you take control of your cholesterol problem, and make a plan to fight it effectively.