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6 types of cardiovascular diseases

Know the six types of cardiovascular diseases and prevent them from occurring.

6 types of cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases refer to the diseases of the circulatory system including, the diseases of heart and blood vessels. It may affect the working of your lungs, kidney, brain, or any part of your body. Cardiovascular diseases are considered as the leading cause of death among both men and women across the world.

Types of cardiovascular diseases

Coronary heart disease: Coronary heart disease is the most common form of cardiovascular disease. It takes place when the blood vessels or arteries supplying blood to the heart harden or narrow from the buildup of plaque. Cholesterol, fat, and other substances contribute towards the buildup of plaque on the inside of your artery walls. This condition is referred as atherosclerosis. The major risk factors of coronary heart disease are high blood pressure, smoking, unhealthy diet, diabetes, age, and a lack of physical activity. Coronary heart disease can cause angina, and if the artery is completely clogged, it can also result in more severe complications, such as heart attack.

Congenital heart disease: Congenital heart disease occurs when there is a problem of malformation or abnormal formation within the structure of the heart due to a birth defect. The disease can create a hole in the walls of the heart, or result in abnormal heart chamber, or abnormal valves. In some circumstances, the severity of the diseases results in death, if not treated immediately. The disease can be inherited or caused when a pregnant woman consumes drugs, alcohol, or follows a poor diet during her pregnancy. It causes a deficiency of vital nutrients from the body, leading to congenital heart disease.

Cerebrovascular disease (Stroke): Due to the blockage or rupture of blood vessels supplying blood to your brain, a stroke is triggered in your body, wherein supply of blood to a part of the brain is completely damaged. This can lead to brain damage and in extreme circumstances, death. Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, advancing age, and heart rhythm disorders can invoke the condition of a stroke in your body. Stroke can be fatal and due to brain damage it can result in sudden impairment in the functions of movement, communication, speaking, or thinking.

Heart failure: In this condition, heart is unable to function properly to maintain a strong blow flow throughout the body. If the heart muscles are damaged due to any reason such as excessive alcohol consumption or heart attack, it can lead to heart failure. The condition occurs slowly over a period of time. The weakened heart has to work extra hard to supply blood to all the tissues of the body, and thus, you develop shortness of breath, general fatigue, and weakness.

Rheumatic heart disease: A bacterial infection caused by streptococcal bacteria during rheumatic fever can cause this condition. It usually starts in childhood and affects the joints and heart valves. The affected valves often need to be replaced by a surgical operation. It is important to study the history of rheumatic fever in order to effectively diagnose this medical condition.

Peripheral vascular disease: Peripheral vascular disease affects the supply of blood in arteries connected to the legs and feet. It causes the arteries to narrow, and a severe effect can lead to amputation of the limb. You can feel acute pain in the calf muscles while walking.

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