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4 Dangerous Facts About Heart Disease

Four heart disease facts that can be proved dangerous, if ignored.

4 Dangerous Facts About Heart Disease

Your lifestyle decisions can affect the health of your heart. Every year, many people lose their lives to heart diseases owing to many misconceptions and ignorance about various heart disease facts. It is possible to safeguard against these diseases by raising awareness about the many risks and symptoms of this serious ailment.

Top four dangerous facts about heart diseases

1) Heart disease can strike anyone irrespective of their age

Many individuals are under the impression that the manifestations of the heart diseases begins with the middle or older age. However, even if you are young, you are at the risk of heart disease if you do not follow a healthy lifestyle. Individuals who regularly smoke, or are overweight, who do not exercise, or are constantly under stress are prone to the risk. The roots of heart disease begin in the childhood when a well-balanced lifestyle is not followed, and plaques gets accumulated in arteries. Following heart-healthy lifestyle measures right from a young age will help you to prevent or avoid any heart diseases in the future.

2) Thin people can also suffer from heart diseases

Heart disease not only strikes obese people or individuals with unhealthy weight, it also victimizes thin people. It is true that the obesity is a strong risk factor for high cholesterol and consequently blocked arteries, however, other factors such as heredity and improper diet can also put you at risk. Thin people who do not regularly exercise, or regularly eat junk food or processed food are exposed to various heart diseases. It is always advisable to go for regular checkups and monitor your cholesterol level on a regular basis irrespective of your size and shape.

3) Ignoring chest pain can prove to be fatal

Ignoring any sign of acute heart disease in not a good idea. The longer you delay in receiving emergency treatment, the greater is the possible risk of heart damage. If you are experiencing any symptoms of significant chest pain, chest discomfort, shortness of breath, or any other symptom that may point out to a heart disease, it is always advisable, to get the help of emergency services as early as possible. Many heart diseases get worse, because there was a delay in getting the treatment. Many individuals risk their life when they do not pay attention to the obvious signs and treat their symptoms with regular medications. With the advanced medical technology, it has become possible to treat many of the heart diseases if given timely treatment.

4) Heart disease can affect women equally

Many women are under the misconception that heart disease can affect only males, and they are at a lesser risk. However, contrary to this belief, heart disease is one of the leading causes of death among women. Women are more likely to experience a form of heart disease than breast cancer. It is important that you become familiar with the risk factors as heart diseases claim the lives of many women around the world because of the ignorance of the possible signs.

Knowing the heart disease facts will make you stronger and well-prepared against any heart disease in the future. You can also take certain medications that may prove effective to curb the onset of any heart disease. Omega-3 supplements such as Bioconcepts Red Krill Oil may help you to support your heart health, and provide nutrients to maintain the overall well being of your body.