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Feel better sooner with our wide range of popular cough medicines cold and flu medicines. Whether you're looking for cold & flu caps, children's cough syrup or anything else cold related. Chemist Direct can help. As one of the UK's largest online chemists, we work with leading healthcare brands to provide our customers with the best cough and flu medicines to our customers. Check them out today!

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Popular Cold, Cough & Flu Brands

  • Vicks
  • Night Nurse
  • Covonia
  • Sudafed
  • Beechams
  • Calpol

This Months Featured Brands

  • Nicotinell
  • Centrum
  • Voltarol
  • Imedeen
  • OGX
  • Ensure

Get your cold relief medicines here at Chemist Direct

Suffering with coughs, cold & flu can be a miserable time. There is nothing worse than sitting around waiting for symptoms to clear up. What's worse is doing so watching day time's a winner!

Need cough medicine fast?

At Chemist Direct we have a wide range of cough medicine including Covonia and Benylin, sore throat relief with Strepsils, general cold & flu relief with Beechams and even provide relief from nasal congestion with Sudafed & Olbas.

If however you decide that you have had enough of suffering with a cold throughout the year, consider taking a supplement daily like Vitamin C, Zinc or Sambucol to help boost your immune system when you need help most.

Let Chemist Direct help you take care of your well-being the whole year through

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