Olbas Nasal Congestion Relief

The Power to Breathe

Noses. They have a hard life. They get bunged up with winter colds and attacked by summer hayfever. Noses large and small suffer congestion, sneezes and snuffles and get rubbed raw by hankies. And when your nose is miserable, it’s no fun for the rest of you. Luckily, the Olbas family is on hand to help. These days there’s a range of Olbas products to help everyone find relief, wherever and whenever they need it.

Add the recommended dose of Olbas Oil to hot water and leave it to release its vapours in your room overnight.Take comfort in a soothing Olbas Bath. Let those aching muscles relax as you unwind and let your cares wash away. Also enjoy the soothing effects of olbas on the move with Olbas Menthol Lozenges Honey & Lemon or Olbas Pastilles

What makes Olbas so effective?

Olbas can’t take all the credit for Olbas – it was mother natures’ idea (as lots of the best ideas are). Olbas is a special mixture of pure plant oils, with ingredients including clove oil, eucalyptus, juniper berry and cajuput. It’s the combination of these natural ingredients which releases those famously soothing and relieving vapours. It’s the power of nature, you could say. These days, there’s an Olbas product for all kinds of noses and all occasions.

Relief from sneezes and snuffles

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