Sore Throat Remedies

From cough sweets and throat lozenges to specially formulated cold and flu sachets, we provide a wide range of remedies for sore throats. We work with leading brands such as Fisherman's Friend, Night Nurse and Strepsils, providing our customers with excellent sore throat remedies at a competitive price. 

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Get immediate relief from a sore throat at Chemist Direct

A sore throat can cause pain unlike any other. It makes it hard to swallow, to eat and to drink. The sensation can sometimes be so sharp when you swallow it makes you cough/choke. And sleeping…what sleep? All these things can hamper your daily life as you feel lethargic and run-down, so why not try a remedy that works?

What should you take to help relieve a sore throat?

Whether you want lozenges or syrups like Buttercup, Strefen or Beechams or an effective throat spray like Difflam or Covonia, you can be sure to find your ideal remedy to a sore throat right here.

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