Chesty & Dry Cough Medicine

Donít let that nagging cough disrupt your daily schedule and your sleep. Get effective cough relief here. We help you find quick-acting, over-the-counter cough remedies for bronchial and chest coughs, dry and tickly coughs, and mucus. Top brands in our range of cough medicines include Actifed, Calpol, Beechams, and many more.

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Get immediate relief from a cough at Chemist Direct

Coughs can be tickly, dry, productive or unproductive. There are many names for them but only one way to describe them…annoying. They may affect sleep as well as daily life depending on their severity. As recommended, if you have a cough longer than 6 weeks which hasn’t gotten better, consult your GP. Otherwise, there are many medicines to choose from to help.

What should you take to help relieve a cough?

For day and night-time coughs there is Benylin, Covonia, Venos, robitussin and not forgetting Strepsils can help. With such a huge range at Chemist Direct you are sure to find the medicine that is right for you.

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