Congestion Medicine

When itís cold weather, we are all susceptible to bouts of cold or flu, catarrh and congestion. To help relieve it, we help you find over-the-counter catarrh and congestion relief. Here you will find products that help with a blocked nose, catarrh, and sinus congestion.

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In cold weather, we are all susceptible to a bout of cold or flu. One symptom of a cold can include nasal congestion. To help relieve it, try Vicks, Lemsip, Beechams or Sudafed to help relieve your sinuses so you can breathe easy, aiding restful sleep and the ability to recuperate.

Hard to get rid of Catarrh

Catarrh can sit on your chest for a long time, making coughs productive but that sound a little disgusting. Coughing helps stop it settling on your chest. To help dislodge of it, try an expectorant like Covonia, Venos or robitussin for immediate relief.

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