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Lower Your Blood Pressure by Being Active

Lower Your Blood Pressure by Being Active

Can one really exercise their way to an ideal blood pressure? In today's day and age where most activities encourage us to take a seat is it possible that doing the direct opposite may encourage our overall health and add more life to our years? Recent studies are now suggesting that the longevity of our forefathers may be partially due to their physically active lifestyle. Those who are physically active are said to live longer and have healthier lives, free of the usual health complications that follow with age.

Moderate physical activity contributes to longevity. It not only improves the overall workings of your cardiovascular system, but it lowers your blood pressure as well. Even when a person has higher risk factors, or a family history, of high blood pressure or diabetes, regular physical activity can greatly minimise the risk by helping to lower blood pressure, control blood sugar levels, improve cholesterol levels, and build stronger bones.

How will extra physical activity benefit me?

Exercise enthusiasts say that for each hour of regular exercise, you gain about two hours of additional life. When you have an inactive lifestyle your body slowly loses its strength, ability to fight off disease and sickness, stamina, and the ability to function properly. Moderate exercise and a generally active lifestyle really does help improve your over health in numerous ways.

  • Keeps weight under control
  • Improves cholesterol levels
  • Encourages healthy blood circulation and reduces the risk of heart diseases
  • Prevents the risk of bone loss
  • Promotes idea blood pressure
  • Improves your efforts to quit smoking
  • Boosts your overall energy levels
  • Improves your skin health and tone
  • Aids you in stress management and counters anxiety and depression
  • Improves your hours of sleep by making you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly
  • Improves the way you see yourself
  • Reduces the risk of stroke by 20%
  • Reduces your risks of coronary heart disease by 30%
  • Delays, or entirely prevents, chronic illnesses that are associated with aging

Simple ways to encourage more activity in your life

Let's admit it, maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle is probably one of the biggest, most daunting challenges to date...but it's not completely impossible.

  • Take the stairs. Ditch the lift.
  • Encourage your children to have an outdoor sports day each week and join them.
  • Ride your bike or walk when running errands to the local grocery store, post office, or pharmacy. Avoid the car if you can help it.
  • Walk the dog instead of hiring your local pet person do it for you.
  • Hit the gym with a friend.
  • Register for the marathon in your local community.
  • Join a dance class.
  • Invest in a quality pedometer and have a goal of at least 10,000 steps each day.