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How to Reduce Blood Pressure

Natural ways to reduce high blood pressure

How to Reduce Blood Pressure

The pressure is mounting and it's coursing through your veins. You have just found out that you have high blood pressure (hypertension) and to counteract it, you are supposed to strive for relaxation, but you're finding it easier said than done. Once you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, you aren't going to start off with perfect health or a tranquil mind. However, by actively pursuing a healthy diet, you may one day soon reap the benefits of it and you can live a healthy, happy and relaxing life, free of high blood pressure.

If that sounds like something you are interested in working toward, then here are some supplements to consider. Remember, these are not miracle foods. They will assist your recovery, but if you are not contributing to your overall health in other ways as well, they are not going to work wonders. You will also need to follow the advice your doctor has given you and stick to your prescribed medication.

Speak to your doctor about adding the following foods to your diet. Adding them to your diet is not only tasty, but also greatly benefits your overall health and assists in maintaining normal blood pressure.

Beetroot is a Superfood

Aside from that wonderfully rich hue that can naturally color your food, beetroot is a superfood that until recently, went largely unnoticed. Did you know, for instance, that beetroot can remove free radicals from your blood, combat excessive levels of bad cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and improve the overall health of your heart? Raw beetroot is becoming a popular addition to a juice or smoothie and it goes splendidly steamed, in a salad. Or if you'd rather just take it in powdered form, you can opt for the BeetMax Heart Formula. It is a beetroot supplement capsule that is exclusive to Chemist Direct.

Red Grapes, the Superfruit

Red grapes are not just tasty treats and wine ice ?cubes?, but superfruits as well. In the skin of red grapes is resveratrol; a compound nicknamed as the ?French Paradox?. In the mid 1990's, scientists became aware of this compound being the possible reason the French rarely had heart problems, despite their high-fat diets. As we know, France is famous for their stellar selections of red grape products. The superfruit is an integral part in the diet of the French, but if red wine, red wine jams or fresh red grapes don't sound appealing to you, or you have trouble sourcing it, don't worry. There are many resveratrol food supplement products in the market for you to choose from.

Time-tested Garlic

Garlic may not cure vampires, but it can certainly remedy many cardiovascular ailments the human body encounters. It is common knowledge that garlic is a socially taboo smell. It is loaded with benefits and yet there are very few who will choose to eat it raw. But what if there was a way to counter the smell, without losing any of the benefits? There are very few products in the market that offer garlic supplements in high doses, without the strong flavor that usually comes with it. Choose the brand that works best for you and enjoy all the heart-benefits garlic has to offer.