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Does your beard style match your face shape?

By changing your beard style you get to emphasize or de-emphasize certain features on your face. So while it’s great to know that one style that works really well for you, changing it from time to time may help to give you a fresh outlook on life and put your best face forward. However, do keep in mind that, based on your specific face shape, not every style will flatter.

Of course it’s an entirely personal decision the way you decide to wield your razor, but depending on your face shape some beard styles may suit you better than others. It’s like wearing a pair of jeans. One style might look great on your best friend, but may not work for you because of your body type. And vice versa. It’s ok to admit that most of us aren’t able to have an army of trained professionals in the art of beard styling at our beck and call, but with a few simple tips you can start out on the road to beard styling with a confidence that is all your own.

Rectangular face

Rectangular or oblong faces are the most slender and angular sort and require a beard style that will balance the features out by visually shortening the length of the face in order to create the appearance of the face being more oval. Let’s look at Tom Ford, for example. In spite of a long face shape and receding hairline, his beard works two ways for him by making his face appear less angular and making his hairline seem less noticeable. This beard style is known as the “24/7 5-o’clock shadow” and is pretty simple to apply by letting your facial hair grown out for several days (more or less depending on how fast the hair grows) and then trim and shave every couple of days to maintain a clean shape.

A tip to keep in mind is that if you have a face shape that is long, a long beard will only double to length of your face. The longer the face, the shorter the beard should be. That way your features are balanced without being over-exaggerated. More elaborate beard styles to try out for a rectangular face shape are “Waves”, “The Dude”, “Bud”, and “Stripes”.

Round face

Round face shapes need a beard style that will make the face appear more masculine and oval-shaped. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t choose a style that will overwhelm your features, especially if your face is small with small features. Avoid strong sideburns that will highlight the round shape. The best beard to go for would be a highly-stylised circle beard with a moustache that connects, but be sure to keep the rest of your face clean-shaven. Other beard styles you can try out for a round face shape are the “Regular Goatee”, “Norris Scipper”, “Petite Goatee”, or “Chin Puff”.

Square face

Square shaped faces have similar beard requirements to round shaped faces and need a style that makes the face appear less boxy and more slender. To balance out the features, keep the sideburns leaner and shorter and keep your hair at the top of your head styled longer and higher. A beard style that works well for a square face shape is a light but all-over beard that is clipped close to the face and styled around the mouth and chin area to create more length. If you’re not sure how to go about styling your beard around the mouth and chin, you might find it easier to go to a barber for the first time. It will be low-maintenance after. Other beard styles you can try for a square face are a “Petite Goatee”, “Norris Scipper”, “Regular Goatee”, or a “Chin puff”.

Triangular face

A triangular face shape usually needs a full beard to add more weight along the jawline and chin. Men with triangular-shaped faces tend to have very pointed chins, and as such can pull off a shaggier, medium-weight beard that adds more bulk to the face. However, be sure to keep the cheeks and sideburns in good shape, removing any stray hairs with tweezers or a razor. A “Goatee”, “Anchor”, or even “Van Dyke” beard style can look great and work to highlight your best features.

Pear/Diamond shaped face

Pear or Diamond shaped faces have similar beard needs to that of a triangular face. This diamond face shape has a very prominent chin and a full beard works great to help minimise and soften the facial features. Growing out your sideburns will also help to balance your face and reduce the pointy appearance of the chin. You could also go with a “Chin Curtain” or “Anchor” if you wish to sport a more trendy bearded appearance.