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First Impressions Count

How to become irresistibly well-groomed

First impressions are all-important. Find out below how to become irresistibly smooth to the touch with Braun's shaving and styling tips.

A smooth shave:

On average, men have about 50,000 beard hairs. They grow by roughly 1 millimetre every 24 hours, and rapidly feel very prickly and itchy. Click the link below to find out how to get rid of that annoying daily stubble.

The right way to shave:

We recommend that you shave before you wash, since the skin tends to be slightly swollen after washing. After a few days without shaving, for example after the weekend, you should trim your stubble beard before you shave.

1.Stretch the skin and shave against the direction of beard growth.

2. Hold the shaver at a right angle (90°) to your skin.

3.Keep the pressure even to achieve the best possible shave.

How to look after your shaver:

Let it clean itself automatically.

Some Braun Series shaver models come with the Clean&Renew™ cleaning device. So you just push a button, and it cleans, dries and recharges your shaver automatically. So easy and absolutely hygienic.

Rinsing under running hot water:

Almost every Braun shaver can be rinsed quickly and easily under running hot water. Cleaning can be improved by using a bit of standard liquid soap.

Cleaning with the brush:

After removing the cutter head, the cutter block is easy to clean with the brush. When you're done, switch the shaver on for two to three seconds. Careful: Never, ever clean the cutter foil with the brush.

Cleaning with the cleaning spray:

Braun cleaning spray helps clean your shaver thoroughly, removing all traces of oil, dirt or hairs. After spraying the cutter block and foil, the residue is easy to rinse off.

For 100% performance, replace all cutter parts every 18 months:

After 18 months, you have shaved as many hairs as there are blades of grass on a football pitch! So, it's definitely high time to replace the cutter parts for your shaver to deliver 100% performance again! Since the cutter foil and cutter block operate like the two parts of a pair of scissors, they inevitably wear out after so much high performance.

Beard Styling

Beards are great, as they allow you to experiment with new looks and styles. They can make you look more mature, more adventurous or even more stylish. It’s all in the way you trim and shape them.

Which beard suits me best?

That depends on the shape of your face. Round faces look narrower with a beard because it casts a shadow and tends to create a longish appearance. Stubble and hard lines give a face more distinction and masculinity. For oval faces you can try a goatee or a soul patch, one of those miniature beards below the lower lip. This accentuates the contour around the chin. You might also experiment with sideburns. That doesn't mean adopting the full trucker look. Simply shave the sideburns back diagonally, making sure to do so evenly on both cheeks. The options are, in fact, endless!

What if I have weak beard growth?

Beard styling looks great on all levels of beard growth. As long as it is symmetrical, follows the natural contours of your face and is kept neatly trimmed, your beard will always looks great!

How do I style my beard?

In the past, men had to use a whole array of trimmers, shavers, razors and foams to achieve a well-styled look. But now it’s easy with the Braun cruZer, which is so easy it helps you get ready in minutes rather than hours. After all, you’ve got better things to do than spend hours styling your beard!

Wet or dry?

Both have their merits. But when it comes to styling and trimming your beard, dry is definitely the winner. Wet hairs usually cling to the body and block your view of the areas you want to style. So you're better off staying dry.