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A daily dose of Cod Liver Oil helps 'cure' arthritis

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Scientists have discovered that cod liver oil can repair arthritic joints as well as lubricating healthy ones. They say Granny really did know best when she insisted on a daily dose, because it halts the inflammation and destruction of joint cartilage caused by arthritis. And they believe supplements could help thousands of patients waiting in agony for hip and knee replacements by beginning a reversal of the degenerative process. More than two million people in Britain have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. The researchers, at Cardiff University, say there are scientific reasons for the long-held belief that cod liver oil is good for joint health. Professor Bruce Caterson, who presented his findings in London yesterday, said it was never too late to start repairing the damage caused by arthritis. 'Cod liver oil can be very helpful and beneficial in arthritic diseases,' he said. 'We've been able to show that we can slow down or remove the activities of the enzymes that degrade cartilage in arthritis and also keep inflammation down to a lower level.'