Step by step guide to healthy feet:

Most of us are guilty of taking our feet for granted and not giving them enough attention. Just like we take care of our face and our body, we need to take care of our feet – after all they go through a lot every day in order to get you from A to B. The average person will walk the equivalent of twice around the world in their lifetime and that’s a pretty long way on your feet! That’s why it is so important to provide your feet with some simple care every once in a while. Your feet can unfortunately experience a lot of issues if they’re not taken care of, so here are a few very simple foot care steps to get them looking and feeling healthier.


Taking the weight off your feet feels good for a reason! Your feet have been working just as hard as you all day, so they deserve a well-earned break at the end of a long day. A lot of walking and standing can put a lot of stress on your feet, so give them some time to relax and regenerate.

Take a walk:

On the other hand, just like any other muscles in the body, the muscles in your feet still need exercise to stay strong and healthy. The best way to exercise the feet is by walking, but it certainly doesn’t need to be for long for your feet to feel the benefits.


This may sound slightly obvious, but many people actually skip washing their feet when in the shower when daily washing is essential for maintaining health and hygiene. When you consider that your feet are often trapped in socks and shoes throughout most of the day, they experience a lot of moisture, sweat and bacteria that all accumulate day-to-day. A quick wash every morning or night will cleanse the feet and reduce the risk of fungal infections, skin problems and foot odour.

Hot & cold:

As a part of your beauty regime in the morning or evening, alternate jets of cold and hot water on your feet to stimulate circulation and make them feel ultimately relaxed.


Exfoliating the skin on your feet is an excellent way to keep them looking and feeling healthy. It is the best way to eliminate dead and dry skin, while stimulating cell renewal. Always exfoliate just after your bath or shower in order to soften the skin first, which will help to reveal radiant and beautiful skin.


We moisturise our faces, arms and legs but we always seem to miss our feet. Hard working feet can often end up dry and cracked, which is why moisturising is a great step after exfoliating for healthy feet. Moisturising will leave your feet feeling fully recovered, soft and hydrated and will keep them looking nice and healthy.


The health of your nails will complete the health of your feet. Your nails should be smooth, shiny and strong so make sure you get the right treatment if they’re yellowing, thick or brittle. Keep them trimmed and free from fungal infections to leave your feet looking beautiful!