Blisters: What are they?

Blisters are a pain for everyone and can cause some real discomfort and soreness on your feet. Scholl offers only the best protection for blisters with their Shield Plasters that prevent further friction and rubbing and help the skin to heal quickly.

What is a blister?

A blister can be described as a pocket between the skin and underlying tissue on the foot. This pocket quickly fills up with a clear fluid (serum) to form the blister. This pocket of fluid can be viewed as a cushion that protects the skin tissue underneath from incurring further damage, while helping the outer layer of skin to heal. The blister is a natural protective defence that your body creates to help aid the healing of the wounded area.

What causes blisters?

Blisters are caused by intense and continuous friction of the skin on your foot against a shoe. This friction can be caused by a variety of factors like running and sporting activities or wearing a new pair of shoes. They are most likely to occur on heel, sole of the foot or the toes. Because these blister areas are all different and can be quite awkward to try and protect, Scholl has created their range of blister plasters that are individually designed for these specific areas, to ensure your skin has the best protection and the best chance of healing.

Treating a blister:

Once you have noticed the blister and it has fully formed, do your best to protect it. Scholl blister plasters are specially designed to provide relief and protection from further friction, pressure and discomfort of movement. They also help to speed up the healing process. Though it may seem tempting, do not burst or pop a blister. This could lead to infection and a decline in the healing process, prolonging the time it takes for your skin to fully heal. Always keep the blisters covered and protected until they have completely healed to avoid infection or further damage.