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Hard and dry skin: What is it?

Most people will experience hard or dry skin on their feet at some point in their lives. Hard and dry skin usually occurs on the heels and soles of the feet and a combination of the 2 can result in cracked heels.

What is hard skin?

Areas of hard and thick skin are different to corns as these areas are much larger and usually yellowish in colour. Hard skin commonly forms on the top and outer edges of the toes, on the heel or on the ball of the foot. Caused by ongoing stress and pressure on the feet, they produce a feeling of burning rather than a direct pain.

How to treat hard skin:

Hard skin on the feet should be physically removed. Filing the skin is a common approach and Scholl provide various products to help shed hard skin, including their hard skin removers and foot files and the Express Pedi. You can also use softening creams that soak the skin and promote exfoliation to remove any hard skin and leave your feet feeling softer in no time!

What causes dry skin & cracked heels?

Sometimes your feet can suffer from dehydration, which can leave the skin rough and dry. If the skin on your feet is particularly dry, it should be treated quickly to avoid cracking of the skin. Cracked skin appears on the heels and is caused from a lot of pressure put onto our heels from our bodyweight from large periods of walking or standing. With this increased pressure, the skin needs to stretch and spread out; however if the skin on the heel is dry and inflexible it will split instead. Cracked heels, or heel fissures, are noticeable splits in the skin caused by dehydration, dry skin and excessive pressure.

How to treat dry and cracked skin:

Dry and dehydrated skin is easily treated with exfoliators and moisturisers that eliminate dry and dead skin cells and keep the skin hydrated and supple. Look out for ingredients like aloe, urea and keratin that are all ideal for taking care of the skin on your feet. If the skin has already started to crack, you’ll need a more intensive moisturiser that can help to repair the skin. Keratin treatments are the most popular for cracked heels that soften and renew the skin.