Foot odour and how to beat it:

Foot odour is an incredibly common issue, but it can be quite embarrassing in extreme cases. One of the major causes of foot odour is perspiration – just like perspiration under the arms that also causes odour. Perspiration and odour often occur when feet are trapped throughout the day in socks and shoes, as the feet are unable to breathe and are more likely to produce moisture. When feet are kept fresh and dry, they are less likely to perspire and cause bad odour.

Why do our feet sweat?

People are sometimes unsure as to why our feet perspire, when in fact they are one of the main places where excessive perspiration can occur. This is thanks to the 250, 000 sweat glands that are found on the skin on our feet. Perspiration of the feet is perfectly natural and there is no stopping it. In fact, it’s not at all a bad thing as sweating helps to control temperature on our feet, just like it does anywhere else on the body. Not only that, but sweat also helps to keep skin soft and flexible.

Although perspiration isn’t the direct cause of foot odour like people think, it is a contributing factor to the development of the bad smell. Sweat is often caused by heat and humidity, which also causes bacteria within your shoes. It is in fact these bacteria that attack sweat molecules and generate odour.

Treating and preventing foot odour:

There are many different tricks and tips to help you eliminate foot odour and Scholl is here to give you a helping hand.

  • Try to wear socks made from natural materials like cotton that allow your skin to breathe, while avoiding synthetic materials.
  • Use a spray deodorant that is specially formulated for shoes and feet to keep them fresh and neutralise bad odours.
  • Try to alternate the shoes you wear each day in order to allow them to dry out completely and keep up good foot hygiene.
  • Use spray deodorants for shoes and insoles with activated charcoal that helps to eliminate bad odour.