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Planning a Safe Baby Bath Time

Tips on how to provide your baby with a safe and fun bath time

Planning a Safe Baby Bath Time

Bath times are fun; the splashing, the cooing and gurgling, the toys bobbing up and down on the surface of the sudsy bath water. Some babies love their baths so much that it can be hard ask to just do a quick wash up without the long, enjoyable splash times to accompany it. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind while giving your baby a bath. Not all of these tips are for bathtubs. Some of them will be for quick showers too. Here goes.

Get a baby tub and a non-slip mat

Use a small tub that is just big enough for your baby to sit in and splash a bit in the water around them. Some tubs have a headrest for very small babies who have yet to learn how to hold their head up. A non-slip mat is an essential bath safety item. It will help keep your baby in place and not slip below the surface of the water. Even with a non-slip mat, it is essential to monitor your baby.

Make sure the water temperature is right

Use clean, drinkable water and ensure the temperature is only lukewarm (around 37-38 degrees Celsius). Babies have sensitive skin and cannot withstand harsh temperatures the way many adult's bodies can.

Don't overfill the bath

A baby is small, they don't need a full tub of water. In fact, even a few inches of bath water can be dangerous if a baby is left unattended. Put in just enough water for your baby to splash in and float toys on. Any extra deep baths should always be supervised.

Choose safe bath toys

This may sound like something anyone would know, but it is best to buy designated, special toys for your baby's bath time. Buy toys that won't rust in water. Choose toys that can float so your baby won't have to reach deep into the water and risk breathing in water. Give your baby rounded, safe toys that won't hurt their water-softened skin.

Buy good hair wash products

Use good soap and hair products that won't harm your baby's skin. Get a moisturising shampoo or something soothing like a shampoo with chamomile. If you need to choose a medicated shampoo for a scalp condition, make sure you carefully choose the brand. Whatever product you select, do you best to keep it out of your baby's eyes. You don't want your baby to associate bathtime with tears.

Have the towel ready

This will ensure you don't need to leave the baby unattended while you go to search for their towel. It will also help to have the towel next to you so when you pick your baby up out of the water, they won't catch a cold while you carry them to get the towel.

Gently does it

Dry your baby's hair lightly with a towel. Hair dryers can be too harsh for baby skin and hair and a firm rub of the towel on their head can hurt them. Use a soft, absorbent baby towel and in small circular motions, gently rub their hair to soak up the water.