Five Tips to Choosing Baby Toys

Learn how to choose the best, most safe toys for your baby

Five Tips for Choosing Baby Toys

You love your baby. You want to make them smile and enjoy hours of entertainment by buying them a cute toy. But did you know that sometimes buying a toy for your baby can be counterproductive? There are many products in the market that are not safe or healthy for babies, and these types of baby toys are more common than you might think. So how do you choose the right baby toy? Here are five tips to look out for when buying a new toy for your little bundle of joy.

Safety over Fashionable

The latest action figure or doll family might be the latest among the young children on your street, but is it safe for your baby? Toys with small parts or sharp edges are hazardous for infants and young children who have yet to develop fine motor skills and learn that not every toy is a snack. Many toys come with a label as to the recommended age of the child who will play with it. Make sure your toys have been deemed safe for babies. Plush toys such as ragdolls and animal figures are generally safe bets for little toy enthusiasts. And be sure you purchase stuffed toys with short fur, as long fur from the plushies can make your baby choke.

Is it made from non-toxic materials

Plastic and rubber products are not edible and low-grades of these materials can be extremely harmful to your baby. Chemically-enhanced or synthetic products can also be hazardous and should be avoided entirely. Toys with natural stuffing or high-quality coverings are best for your baby.

Is it made by a manufacturer you can trust

Toys made overseas can be of a different quality than you were expecting. When possible, find out the reputation of the manufacturer and understand if they are ethical and focused on the quality of their products.

Is it sold by a buyer you can trust

When choosing to shop online, be sure you can recognize the brand, or it is from a reputable store you can trust. And by all means, if you have bought a toy from an online store who misled you with advertising, be sure to send it back. Your baby's health and safety is paramount.

Does it have other benefits

There are many high-quality toys that have been stuffed with lavender or are microwaveable in order to offer your baby the complete experience of play, relaxation and a soothing environment while they sleep. Other benefits of toys you buy may be the durability of the product. Many children play with their most favourite toy for several years, until they are old enough to move on to the next phase of their lives. Some grown-ups save their favourite baby toy to give to their baby, and because it has stood the test of time, it makes this practice possible.