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Great Tips for Baby Skin Care

Babies are born with soft yet delicate skin and to keep it soft and healthy you need to apply the right moisturiser that can enrich and protect the skin whilst avoiding irritation.

Great Tips for Baby Skin Care

While the skin of a foetus develops in the womb the moisture from the amniotic fluids become absorbed into each cell as it is formed and the skin begins to secrete sebum which forms a protective cream called vernix caseosa that is present on the surface of the skin at birth. Both of these ingredients are essential for keeping the skin smooth, soft and glowing all throughout life, but right at the beginning the baby's skin can be especially delicate while it adjusts to this new environment it is born into.

The vernix keeps the skin protected for the first few weeks but once this covering naturally rubs off it is the parents' job to keep the skin protected from the multitude of irritants that can cause allergies, rashes or discomfort to the baby. Using Sebamed Extra Soft Cream or Baby Lotion after the daily cleansing routine can provide continued nourishment that closely matches the natural sebum secretions. Here are some common skin reactions your infant may face and some tips on how to find the best solutions that can enrich and protect your baby's skin whilst avoiding irritation.

Common Skin Conditions

As the sweat glands, hair follicles and layers of the dermis adjust to the elements surrounding it, certain reactions such as redness, rash bumps, white spots or clogged pores can be expected. Some of these conditions, such as infant acne, are caused by hormones that pass into the baby's system before birth or through the mother's milk after birth. These bumps may resemble tiny pimples but there is no need for alarm or any intervention as they disappear after a few months without causing any discomfort or damage to the baby.

Another common condition is discoloration or benign rash outbreaks around the chin, cheeks or neck which is caused by irritants or rough fibres that come in contact with the skin or from the residue of milk or saliva, particularly if a soother or bottle is used. Using Johnson's baby lotion to wipe the area regularly can keep the area clean without drying out the skin. Nappy rash can appear on the bottom or inner thighs and can either arise due to infrequent changing or as a reaction on sensitive skin to the fibres used in certain brands and using a topical cream that contains zinc oxide usually does the trick.

Skin Care Requirements

Babies do not require the same cleaning routines that toddlers and children need as they do not get into dirty areas or even sweat much. Giving a daily sponge bath with warm water, to avoid build-up of sweat or milk deposits, is all that's necessary for the first four or five months. If you choose to use a cleanser avoid soap bars and opt for soap-free gels that have no synthetic scents or dyes included. You can massage the baby with Calendula oil after each bath to replenish the natural oil in dry environments. If there is a family history of autoimmune disorders, skin allergies or eczema then extra attention should be given to any rash that seems to cause discomfort and regular use of nourishing baby oil is necessary.