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How to Care for Your Baby's Dry Skin

Ways to care for your baby's dry skin

How to Care for Your Baby's Dry Skin

Does your baby suffer from dry skin, eczema or other skin conditions that occur for those with sensitive skin? Skin is the body's largest organ; it needs gentle care too. For your baby, that is even more true. Their skin is extra delicate and needs special care as it is more prone to drying out.

What is the root cause

Is your baby getting dry skin because they inherited it? Or because they are allergic to certain products? Baby skin can get dry for many of the same reasons as grown ups. They can also get chapped skin when their skin is exposed to harsh elements such as dry, chapped cheeks during the winter. Overheated indoor air can be another culprit for aggravating dry skin on sufferers.

Long, hot baths are not advisable if your baby has a problem with dry skin. Keep the water warm or at room temperature if the weather permits it. The bath should also be kept to a short amount of time as long baths can contribute to removing essential, natural oils from the skin.

Olive oil works wonders

If your baby's skin is too sensitive to the moisturising products you've tried on them, perhaps it is time to try something soothing and natural. Use a little light, refined olive oil to rub into your baby's skin the same way you would with lotion. Or if they need a deep moisturising, put a little extra oil on their skin, massage it in for a few moments and let them have their warm bath as you normally would. The warm water will help their skin's pores to open, allowing the gentle moisturising of the olive oil to work its magic. Be sure to moisturise your baby's skin after bathtime.

What shampoo are you using for your baby

Shampoo is an often overlooked product in caring for dry, sensitive skin. Usually the lotions and creams are considered first, but shampoo is equally important. Some shampoos can strip your baby's delicate skin from the natural oils that their body needs to care effectively for their skin. Johnson's baby shampoo is gentle on baby skin and has soothing properties such as chamomile to help relax your baby at bath time.

Keep your baby hydrated

Giving your baby extra water, milk and juice will help to keep their skin soft and smooth. Yes, it will mean more wet diapers, but it will also mean a happier baby with smooth skin that will crack and itch much less.

Look at the laundry soap

Be sure to choose a laundry soap that is good for allergy sufferers. Your baby is a delicate flower. You want to be sure that all that care you're putting into getting their clothes and diapers washed is not going to backfire in other ways, such as allergies and skin irritations. Look for a laundry soap that is specifically made for newborns and young children.