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Baby Bath Safety

Baby's bath is a special time for both mommy and baby. Keep these baby bathing tips in mind so that your baby can stay safe.

Baby Bath Safety

Baby bath times are special moments for you to bond with your baby, follow these bathroom safety tips when bathing your little one.

  • Prepare everything you will need for bath time before undressing your baby. Keep everything within arm's reach so that you can perform the entire process without leaving too much time in between where he can catch a cold. Baby diapers, clean clothes, towels, a washcloth, and baby soap should all be laid out.
  • Keep all bathroom electrical appliances away from the tub and away from your baby's reach.
  • Make sure the bathroom and room where you undress your baby is warm and not drafty. Little ones can catch a chill easily and end up with a cough and cold.
  • Make sure the tub is safe and securely resting on the countertop or floor so that it does not accidently tip over.
  • You may want to use a rubber mat in baby's tub to prevent him from sliding around in the water too much. A cushion at the head of the tub can keep your baby from accidentally hurting his head.
  • Check the water temperature before you put your baby in the tub. Babies and toddlers have much more sensitive skin than adults do and prefer the water to be cooler.
  • Don't put your baby in the tub while the water is still running. The water temperature may suddenly change or the water may get too deep.
  • Never leave your baby or toddler unsupervised or unattended in the tub for even a minute. Babies and children can drown in less than an inch of water. Should you need to answer the door or take a phone call, temporarily scoop your baby out of the bath, wrap a towel around him, and carry him along with you. Once your baby is older, he may be able to hold himself up in his bath, but he should still not be left unattended. Keep your eyes and a hand on your baby at all times while he is in the water.
  • Only fill the tub with 2 to 4 inches of water to prevent accidental drowning.
  • Teach your baby not to stand in his tub.
  • Avoid soaking your baby in bubble baths for too long. The ingredients used in most bubble baths can cause irritation to the baby and increase the risk of urinary tract infection. If you want your baby to enjoy the water, let him sit in a plain water bath. When buying skincare and bath products for your baby, always read the descriptions and labels to ensure the product does not contain any ingredients that could be potentially harmful for your baby.
  • Don't allow your toddler to handle the water faucets. While children can learn master the necessary motor skills for turning taps on and off, they might be able to pull away fast enough should the water suddenly become too hot or the tub too full.
  • Set your bathroom water heater to 120 F. It only takes 3 seconds for a child to get a third-degree burn from water that is 140 F.

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