The Cocoa Butter Formula

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula is an absolute classic in skin care and has been Palmer's best-selling range from day one. It uses rich cocoa butter blended with vitamin E to create an indulgent formula that cocoons your skin in pure hydration and moisture.

Where does Cocoa butter come from?

Cocoa butter is a rich vegetable fat that is extracted from the pods of the cacao tree. It is also the same ingredient that goes into our chocolate, which is why cocoa butter has its delicious chocolate scent. The cacao tree is found in a specific geographical region in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Venezuela, Brazil, the Dominican Republic and the Ivory Coast. The cacao tree grows cocoa pods and within the cocoa pods you will find around 30-40 cacao beans. It is from these beans that the cocoa is extracted.

After the pods are harvested from the tree, they are sorted by colour that corresponds to the quality of the beans. Palmer's products uses include cocoa butter from high quality cacao beans. The beans then go through the processes of drying, fermenting and roasting before they're crushed and pressed to extract the fat that is cocoa butter.

Cocoa butter is different from other vegetable fats because it is completely solid at room temperature and near impossible to spread. It's not until it hits body temperature, that the cocoa butter begins to melt. Palmer's mixes cocoa butter with rich emollients and vitamin E in order to make it easy to spread and absorbed into the skin.

Cocoa butter & skin care

Cocoa butter provides some amazing benefits to our skin as it conditions, hydrates and moisturises. It coats the skin with a fine, non-greasy film in order to protect the skin's natural barrier and replenish and retain the skin's moisture levels. Not only that, but cocoa butter has become a wonder product for reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks. By soothing and toning the skin, the appearance of marks and scars begins to disappear, which is why Palmer's introduced their Cocoa Butter Formula pregnancy care range to take care of your body and your bump.