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Nourkrin Testimonials

These Testimonials are from users of Nourkrin who have been affected by hair loss and hair growth issues. These customers have turned to Nourkrin for help and enjoyed the benefits and improvement in hair re-growth from this unique formula.

?Family video horror?

  Patricia from Peterborough

"Fine hair seems to be a family trait, but after stopping HRT some years ago mine became noticeably worse.

I told the hairdresser not to show me the back of my head in the mirror as it just made me feel depressed. There was really nothing she could do to help.

The last straw was when a video was made at a family event and the camera was positioned behind me. I did not realise this until I saw the finished video. All I could focus on was this head with the scalp showing. It was distressing and embarrassing.

I was about to look at wigs when I saw the advert for Nourkrin and thought I would give it a try. I had nothing to lose, but didn't really expect it to work. Nothing else had.

It wasn't overnight. I began to see a difference after around 6 months and after a year of regular treatment other people started to comment on how much thicker it was.

Only someone who has been in this situation can appreciate how wonderful it is to be able to look in a mirror with confidence and pride."

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?Thank You Nourkrin?

  Jacqui from Hove

"Approximately one year ago, three months after an operation, my hair started to fall out and was shedding at an alarming rate. I immediately had blood tests to try to establish the cause of the problem. Apparently everything was normal except that my thyroid was on the borderline of being low and I was also starting the menopause.

I started taking another well-known brand of hair supplements, which initially helped to reduce the rate at which my hair was shedding (after a 3 month period) but then the rate of shedding reverted to how it was before.

Every time I washed my hair, literally handfuls of hair would come out and it was especially noticeable when combing it. I found my hair all over the house and it was constantly on my shoulders and clothing. It was so severe that I was frightened to even to wash my hair and noticed that my parting was becoming wider and patchier.

I saw the Nourkrin advertisement in the newspaper and decided to try one last ditch attempt to save my hair, as I was already thinking about purchasing a wig! Although the cost is relatively high, exactly 3 months after taking Nourkrin, to my amazement, the shedding stopped completely. I was overjoyed especially when people started commenting on how much thicker my hair appeared.

I am continuing to take the recommended dose of 2 tablets per day. It is now almost 6 months since I have been taking Nourkrin and my hair looks and feels stronger and more luxuriant. I aim to take the maximum dose for 1 year and then reduce to 1 tablet per day.

The staff at Nourkrin were extremely helpful and reassuring and, in my opinion, the results far outweigh the cost. I have recommended Nourkrin to my family and friends who have witnessed the dramatic effect it has had on my hair and my anxiety. Thank you Nourkrin!"

?It wouldn't be too dramatic to say it saved me!!?

 Anne from Chippenham

"I would like to share my thought on Nourkrin! It wouldn't be too dramatic to say it saved me!!

In the winter of 2012 (aged 46) around October, I started losing a bit more hair than normal when washing and brushing/styling. I have always been known for my hair, long blondish and extremely thick. So thick that I had to choose Hairdressers carefully as most would run a mile rather than thin/razor my hair for me to take the bulk out.  

By the end of November I had a carrier bag full of hair that I had lost. I think I was in denial that something was wrong yet kept all of the hair that I was shedding. I went to the Doctors who did blood tests that showed I was rapidly approaching the Peri-menopausal stage of life and said my hair would never be the same again and she was sure it would eventually slow down/stop. My hair loss was so dramatic

that I felt I couldn't just leave it and see what happened. I really felt that by the Christmas it would be very noticeable to people that something was wrong. I was actually stunned to feel so devastated at my hair loss. It wasn't something I'd ever thought about. I drove home that day in what felt like panic.

I had mentioned to a family member what was happening and when I showed her the bag of hair they were visibly shocked. The next day I had an extremely blessed phone call off a lady that worked with this family member. To this day I can't thank her enough for ringing me!  She recommended Nourkrin.  She had had the same situation as myself and found it had helped her.

I ordered Nourkrin immediately and by the tenth day of taking the tablets my hair loss started to slow down and within a month I was back to what I classed as normal shedding. I am still taking Nourkrin today and my hairdresser says she now classes me as still having thick hair.  It may not get back to how thick it was before but I can now hold my head up and feel a little more like I used to.  

I cannot be without Nourkrin. They really were and are my saviour!"

?I have used Nourkrin on and off for 7 years now?


"My name is Rose, and in 2007 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Anotherpatient I met while having chemotherapy told me a story about advice she was given about Nourkrin .

I had lost all my hair so as soon as I finished my treatment, I started taking Nourkrin . It most definitely helped my hair grow back and even a little fuller. I have had very fine hair all of my life, I was so pleased by the new growth.

Because I take another medication that reduces estrogen, my hair started to fall and thin out. I have been using Nourkrin for 7 years now and it helps my hair become a little fuller every time I need a little help."

?Hair thicker and slowly improving?

  Sam from Leicester

"I read lots of reviews about this product (and other products) and decided to give it a try. I know everyone is different and nothing is 100% going to work for everyone. It has been four months now and my hair is slowly improving. It feels thicker and friends say it looks better than it has in a long time. Still not 100% but getting there :-)"

?Glad I tried it?

  Millie from Lancashire

"Finding myself with thinning hair was the worst thing that has happened to me. I was in shock. I saw an advert for Nourkrin so thought I would give it a try. I am so very pleased I did. It has made such a big difference, even after just four months of using it. Would certainly recommend it. (5 STARS)"

?The product works?

  Anon from Devon

"I was concerned about the amount of hair found on my pillow and coming out when brushed. Since using this product I've noticed hair doesn't fall out as much. Definitely going to carry on using along with tablets."


  Becky from Stoke

"IT WORKS! Have been using it for 6 months and the results are amazing. Thank you."

?Knocked for six?

  Ann from Leicester

"About 18 months ago a went through a period of stress, mainly due to my health (although maybe it was the other way round!!!) One of the many side effects was that I started to lose my hair. This really knocked me for six. I felt really self-conscious about my hair and covered up as much as possible."

"A friend suggested I try Nourkrin. I had nothing to lose, so did and six months later am happy to report that my hair is starting to get back to normal. I am a very happy lady."