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Common Causes of Hairloss

With up to 40% of Women and 50% of men experiencing some form of hair loss in their lives the reason behind it can differ depending upon the individual. Some of the main causes of hair loss are:


Genetics is one of the most common causes of hair loss in both men and women. Male and female pattern hair loss is the most common condition connected to genetic factors and inherited genes, although conditions such as alopecia may also be connected to genetic influences.


Hormonal irregularities are also a very common cause of hair loss particularly in women. These irregularities can lead to disruption of the hair growth cycle which can be indicated by other symptoms such as an irregular menstrual cycle. Also during pregnancy and childbirth women may experience hair loss due to changes such as the 'hormone shedding phase' usually triggered after childbirth.


Stress is another cause that can affect the hair growth cycle in both men and women. Acute chronic stress has been shown to lead to conditions such as genetic hair loss, Telogen Effluvium, Alopecia Areata and Trichotillomania and signs of hair loss usually show between 4-16 weeks after the triggering event.


Hair loss can also be caused by breakage of the hair from factors such as chemical over processing, too much heat from styling tools and vigorous brushing. These can all cause the hair to break and leave it in bad condition.


Different medications can have an effect on hair loss in some individuals. Some of the most common medications to cause hair loss are: Chemotherapy, thyroid mediation. contraceptive pills anti-depressants and cholesterol medicines. The hair loss condition usually caused by medicine is Telogen Effluvium.


You lifestyle and health is another known cause of hair loss and can also disrupt the hair growth cycle. Digestive issues, autoimmune conditions and even certain infections can all result in hair loss. Diabetes and smoking can also effect hair growth. Scientists in Taiwan discovered men who smoked 20 or more cigarettes a day had a higher risk of going bald due to poor blood circulation to the scalp.


A healthy diet benefits the human body in many ways including having benefits for our hair. The hair requires a regular supply of protein, glucose and vitamins for it to grow to its full potential. A poor diet can lead to nutrition related hair loss and a lot of individuals may experience this whilst dieting or if eating infrequently. Hair fibres contain between 80-90% protein, therefore making sure the hair recieves enough is essential.