Thrush Creams & Treatments

We've got everything you need from thrush treatments to thrush prevention, including creams from top brands like Canesten, Vagisil, Salcura, and Nelsons. We treat vaginal thrush, male thrush and oral thrush.

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Get the thrush treatment you need from Chemist Direct

Thrush can be a painful, sore, itchy condition that is usually vaginal but can also be oral and can even occur in men. Oral thrush appears as a white coating on the tongue and can make swallowing and therefore eating, painful. Thrush of any nature can be an embarrassing condition to sufferers as the itch can be so overwhelming it may lead to ‘scratching’ in public, but rest assured, it is surprisingly common.

Need relief from Thrush?

Chemist Direct have an array of creams and other products to help alleviate the itch and treat the infection, from top brands including Canesten or Vagisil. As thrush occurs due to the delicate balance between the bacteria & yeasts that live naturally within the vagina becoming disturbed, a good way to help prevent thrush is by consuming probiotics, such as those found in natural yogurts, to help maintain the correct ph balance of the vagina.

Chemist Direct provides products for immediate Thrush relief

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