Thrush Prevention Products

If you suffer from recurring bouts of thrush, you're not alone. That's why we work with several leading brands and healthcare professionals to offer the latest in thrush prevention. These products have been designed to keep your body healthy, clean and balanced; helping you maintain a high level of intimate hygiene - pain and itch free.

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Thrush Prevention Products & Treatments

What is Thrush? 

Thrush is a common yeast infection that occurs when the yeast-like fungus (called Candida albicans) overgrows. What causes this is an imbalance of your body's pH level. 

Preventing Thrush 

Though it can be an embarrassing condition,  thrush can be easily prevented through a simple but effective hygiene regime. At Chemist Direct, we work with leading and innovative healthcare brands to provide our customers with the best thrush prevention products and treatments, at the best price. 

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