Diabetes Home Health Test Kits

Diabetes test kits can help you to keep track of insulin levels at home, ensuring the correct medication is received at the right time.

Diabetes Home Health Test Kits

The early diagnosis of diabetes is important so treatment can begin and later complications can be avoided. When people have unhealthy eating habits, are obese, and lack sufficient exercise, then they are at a high risk for developing diabetes. In the UK today, there is an epidemic outbreak of diabetes with 1.4 million people currently diagnosed and an additional 1 million estimated to have some form of diabetes.

In adults, diabetes can lead to serious health complications such as stroke, heart disease, kidney failure, surgical limb removal and loss of sight. When the body is not able to produce insulin, Type 1 diabetes may develop, often manifesting itself before the age of 40. If the body is producing an insufficient amount of insulin, or has an insulin resistance, then it is likely that Type 2 diabetes will be manifested. Fortunately, most diabetic people respond well to oral medication and dietary management.

Importance of Self-monitoring

In general, many diabetic people assume that self-testing is not needed since they should be able to know themselves when their blood sugar levels get too high. But the fact remains that this is neither a true nor reliable way of avoiding diabetic complications. High blood glucose levels only produce physical symptoms when levels go to extreme ends of the glucose scale. Through regular testing and by following the test results, and not feelings, to know for sure which way your blood sugar levels are going - too low, normal or too high, you can ensure proper medication treatments that efficiently keep you healthy.

Reliable Self-testing kits

By self-checking at home, you can get prudent and private readings that can be easily shared with your healthcare provider for their recommendations. The Accu-Chek Aviva Blood Glucose System will supply you with all that you need for fast, accurate and reliable results when testing your blood sugar levels in the comfort of your own home. The meter is designed to be comfortable to handle and the operation is very user-friendly. A lancelet provides a pain-free sample that can give clear and simple results in 5 seconds.

Another self-checking test kit is the Self Check Blood Glucose Personal Screening test. These tests are very easy to use when reliable and accurate results are needed quickly. The test range is 0 -1000 mg/dl, which is ample for discovering any potential diabetic problems before symptoms become apparent. This test needs only one drop of your whole blood to perform a sterile rapid test to check if the blood glucose levels are normal or not. The kit includes test strips, colour charts, lancets, plasters and instruction and range leaflets.