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Choosing the Best Digestive Enzyme Supplements

Advice for choosing the best digestive enzyme supplements from the plethora of supplements available in the market.

Choosing the Best Digestive Enzyme Supplements

The food we eat needs to be broken down into basic nutrient components such as vitamins, proteins, fatty acids, and carbohydrates in order for the body to absorb them effectively. When food is poorly digested, your body absorbs nutrients that are not fully broken down resulting in many digestive complications.

Digestive enzymes are secreted at many points along the gastrointestinal tract and are directly responsible for absorbing nutrients from our diet. An inadequate production or improper function of digestive enzymes in the body can cause problems in your digestive cycle.

Enzyme deficiency may manifest in the following symptoms:

  • Bloating and gas
  • Stained stools
  • Feeling full after eating a small quantity of food
  • Fatigue and a constant feeling of low energy
  • Difficulty in maintaining a healthy weight
  • Disturbed digestion and constipation

How to Choose the Right Digestive Enzyme Supplements?

Digestive enzyme supplements mimic the function of natural enzymes found within our body to supplement the working of our digestive system. They aid in reducing the deficiency of enzymes in the body and help in alleviating digestive disorders. There is a variety of enzymes available in the market. Quality, efficacy, and activity are the basic factors to keep in mind when selecting digestive supplements.

Choosing the correct enzyme supplement should be assessed on the following standards:

Blend of Digestive Enzymes

It is important to find a digestive enzyme supplement that contains a broad range of enzymes which help in the breaking down of various nutrient components including fibre, fats, carbohydrates, starch and sugar. Each enzyme has its specific function in the body, and when taken in combination, it improves absorption of the food in the digestive system. Enzyme blends have a broader range of benefits than individual enzymes because of the variety of origins and substrates, increased percentage of absorption, and a wide range of optimal pH levels found in them.

Source of Enzymes

Digestive enzymes can be derived from plant, microbial or animal sources. Scientific studies suggest that plant-based enzymes help to effectively maintain the pH and temperature ranges of your body; thus, they remain stable throughout the intestinal tract. These enzymes supplements are also suitable for vegetarians as they are not sourced from any animal products. On the other hand, animal-sourced enzymes work in a narrow range of pH and are not stable in acidic conditions, like in the stomach.

Enzymes Capsule or Tablet

Enzymes are easily available in the form of capsules than tablets. Capsules are produced under milder conditions, permitting the enzymes to remain intact for quicker absorption. On the contrary, tablets often have a protective coating that makes it harder for the body to absorb. The intricate processing method used to create tablets usually destroys the active enzymes and renders them useless to the body.

The activity of the Enzymes

The effectiveness of an enzyme is measured as per its activity, and not by weight. The higher the activity level, the more powerful it is in digesting your food. Choosing a high activity and high potent supplement will reduce the number of pills you need to take. The activity of enzymes depends on the concentration, pH, quantity, substrate and temperature. It is, therefore, good to look for the activity in the enzymes when buying digestive supplements.

Reputation of Enzyme Supplements

It is advisable to buy supplements that are high-quality and have a sound reputation. Taking inferior supplements can adversely affect your health without offering any benefits. You may consider taking Biocare Digestaid or Bioconcepts Digestive Enzyme with Aloe Vera that have reliable credibility and are top quality. These supplements encourage an effective breakdown of the food in the digestive tract and help maintain a healthy digestive system.