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Why Set Fat and Calorie Targets?

Alli Weight Loss Pills should be taken with a reduced calorie, lower-fat diet. This is because you only need the amount of calories that relate to your energy expenditure. If you consume more calories than you need, because you live quite a sedentary lifestyle, then those calories that were not used for energy are stored in the body as fat.

When you hear the term ‘calorie target’ this indicates the maximum number of calories you should consume per day. This target is individual and depends on your weight, gender and activity levels. It is not recommended that you consume less than 1200 calories daily.

Do not stop incorporating fat into your diet when taking alli. It is an essential part of a balanced diet and the right amount helps the body absorb vitamins as well as perform other essential bodily functions. To successfully lose weight with alli you should limit your intake to your individual fat target e.g. 15g of fat per meal for someone with a calorie target of 1400 calories a day.

Your individual fat target is determined by your daily calorie target.

Your fat target is the maximum number of grams of fat you should eat in each meal or snack.

Monitoring the amount of fat you eat within each meal is essential when losing weight with alli, not just because fat is high in calories, but also because of the way the capsules work within the body. Taking the Alli capsules means that some fat isn’t absorbed, so by staying within your recommended fat target, you can reduce the chances of experiencing diet-related treatment effects.