Dealing with Alli

Being clued up with Alli Tablets and how they work is the only way you can use this slimming aid to its full potential and to get the best results out of it. Alli is by no means not a miracle cure to weight loss so do not expect instant results. The programme requires a mixture of a daily routine, exercise and a balanced diet to be followed to work at its best. If taken as directed, results can be seen within a few months.

Every meal should have no more than 15 grams of fat and do not take any other vitamins or pills at the same time as when you are using Alli.

In case of Missed Dose

If you miss taking a capsule on time and the recommended time limit has passed, then you should wait for your next meal and take the medicine at that time. Do not take two capsules at a time to cover the previously missed dose.

It is recommended that no more than three Alli capsules are taken in a day. This diet pill can be taken before, in-between or up to one hour after your meal.

Alli pills have really helped many people to lose weight. Being overweight poses some serious health risks always seek advice from your GP prior to taking any prescribed or non-prescribed medicine. Before starting Alli it is advised that you be a 100% sure that you are ready for it.

Consider these points before starting Alli:


Being honest with yourself that you have a problem and facing it head on will enable you to prepare to actively do something about it. Accepting this fact will help encourage and motivate you to do your best. If you are honest with yourself about your condition and are determined to lose weight then you are a truly ready to start using Alli.


Alli is not a miracle pill. In order to see results from it you should be determined to work hard to achieve you goal. It is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle if you are so used to not living one – it can be a shock to the system that seems hard to sustain, however, if you persist you will see noticeable results in just three weeks. Fast results will inspire you to continue with your healthy lifestyle and thus help you to feel better about yourself.


Trust in yourself and in your abilities to succeed and achieve what you want. If you feel that you are struggling and feel like giving up, remind yourself of the reason why you wanted to lose weight in the first place. Believe in yourself and remain focused and dedicated to your goal.

Desired results are achievable with the Alli slimming pill. It has been tested and has proven to provide results, contains reduced strength ingredients and is safe to use.