Preparing for alli


Weight loss requires more than a slimming aid. It requires will power, determination, exercise and healthy eating. The slimming aid is merely the ‘boost’ you need to get you to the finish line. With this in mind, it is recommended that you start your new ‘healthy lifestyle’ much sooner than before you start taking Alli. This way, your body is already prepped for the effects of Alli and will be more receptive to it, thereby making chances of successful weight loss greater.

It is advisable that you take at least 3 days to focus on your new healthy living regime of eating well and exercising daily before you begin taking Alli Capsules. This gives you time to prepare your mind and body for this new reduced-calorie, low-fat diet. Consider starting alli over a weekend when you have time to focus.


Start cutting fat and calories:


Whilst taking alli, it’s important to reduce the amount of fat you consume with every meal. This is because you may experience undesirable side effects. Reducing your calorific intake is also important for weight loss to occur whilst taking alli. Reducing calories by around 500 calories/day from your current daily calorific intake, you can lose about 1lb per week.


Move More:


Exercise is necessary to help you lose weight. Start with at least 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week and then gradually increase your activity's length and intensity as you become more comfortable. Remember to consult your GP before you start a new exercise regime.


Read the label:


Get informed with how Alli works so that you are aware of what it takes to succeed. When taken correctly alongside a reduced-calorie, low-fat diet, Alli can help boost your weight loss by 50% as opposed to diet alone.


You have something wonderful to look forward to!


Alli weight loss capsules can effectively help you achieve your weight loss goals when taken as directed alongside a low fat, calorie reduced diet and daily exercise. As obesity can cause many health problems such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Certain types of cancer and osteoarthritis

With Alli, you can achieve a healthier weight which can help minimise the risk of such health related problems occurring. Following this alli weight loss programme, you can learn to live well for the rest of your life, not just as a fad for a short period of time to help lose weight quickly and unhealthily. The healthy behaviour will be an integral part of your life. From that point, it's easier to maintain your healthy weight and end the dieting cycle – forever.