Pet Health

Pet Health

Our pets are part of the family and need as much care and maintenance as we do. From worms to obesity there are plenty of conditions that can make your pet unhealthy and unhappy. Knowing how to prevent and treat the conditions that can occur can help keep noses wet and tails wagging.

Why cats are good eaters?

Cats are very good at eating a balanced diet. In experiments cats who were able to select from a choice of wet and dry foods ate the right amounts of each to get what they need in the way of protein, fat and carbohydrate. Wet food typically has higher proportions of protein and fat, while dry foods are richer in carbohydrates. In tests, cats get 53% of their daily calorie intake from protein, 36% from fat and 12% from carbohydrates. These are similar to values reported for feral cats, indicating that domestic cats are able to closely match the "natural" diet of their wild ancestors.

Is it true that pet ownership has health benefits?

Pets, like children, are hard work but they also bring many rewards. There are now numerous studies linking pet ownership to health benefits. Research has shown that stroking your cat or dog decreases stress and lowers blood pressure. There are too many studies to mention but in a large study of over 4000 people, monitored over a period of 10 years, it was found that cat ownership appeared to reduced heart attack and stroke risk by nearly one third.