All you need to know about sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is actually incredibly common and anyone can experience skin sensitivity at some point in their life. Most people are predisposed to having sensitive skin; however external factors play a large part in causing skin irritations. It’s not surprising that our skin can become irritated every now and then, when we think about what it is faced with every single day. External factors like weather, pollution, air conditioning and stress are just a few of the things that we come across on a daily basis that can irritate the skin - well, after tolerating all of this it’s no wonder our skin gets a little upset from time to time! This is why dermatologists believe that our modern lives expose our skin to harsh and stressful elements that can cause sensitivity.

Why is skin sensitive?

Sensitive skin is not a skin condition, but simply means that the skin has a lower resistance to various irritants like fragrances, alcohol and parabens. The skin has its own barrier, which should keep the things that irritate your skin out and prevent them from reaching beyond the outer epidermal skin layer. For this barrier to function properly, it needs the right balance of moisture; however when this moisture barrier is impaired, it can allow irritants to go ahead and irritate the skin.

Different people experience skin sensitivity in different ways - which should be no surprise considering all skin is unique and requires unique care. Some people feel their skin is changeable and only experiences sensitivity from time to time, whereas others may experience delicate and dry skin all the time. Coming into contact with irritants can cause your skin to experience a combination of dryness, red patches, blemishes, itchiness, tingling, tightness or stinging.

What causes sensitive skin?

There are many elements that can contribute to the skin becoming irritated and different factors may cause sensitivity in different people. Recognising what irritates your skin will enable you take care of it in the best possible way and provide your skin with the right care. This is where Simple comes in, as they ensure that even the most sensitive skin can receive pure and simple care that will keep their skin clear and refreshed. Here are some of the top causes of skin irritations:

  • Ingredients in your skin care products include common irritants like perfumes, colours and chemicals
  • Outside environment like changes in the seasons, especially when weather becomes colder in winter months
  • Inside environments with air conditioning and central heating
  • Using the wrong skin care products for your skin type
  • Excessive cleansing (especially with harsh chemicals)
  • Hormones play a large role in your skin, especially in women who may notice heightened skin sensitivity around their period
  • Too much sun exposure can affect your skin’s natural barrier
  • Your diet and lifestyle have a major effect on your skin, especially if your diet is not healthy or balanced and if you’re not drinking enough water
  • Household cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can really irritate sensitive skin
  • Clothes and jewellery can also contain irritants, so think about what you wash your clothes with and consider what your jewellery is made from