Super Beauty Food

Healthy, beautiful skin and optimum nutrition go hand in hand. Certain foods can help boost radiance and improve skin texture and tone. One of the most frequently asked questions is, "Why can’t I get all the vitamins and nutrients I need for beautiful skin from diet alone?" In an ideal world, it may be possible, but lifestyles have changed, processed foods have become more commonplace and food nutrient values have declined through soil depletion, increasing the need for supplementation. All Imedeen skincare tablets contain naturally-based ingredients chosen for their synergistic anti-ageing effects, and have been clinically and scientifically proven to have a positive impact on skin condition.   

Radiance boosters

Avocados – use avocado instead of banana as a thickener in fruit smoothies. Nuts – snack on a handful of walnuts or brazil nuts instead of biscuits or potato crisps. Seeds – sprinkle flaxseed, sunflower or pumpkin seeds on salads and breakfast cereals. Oily fish – eat salmon, mackerel, herrings or sardines at least twice a week. Extra virgin olive oil – always use for cooking. Instead of bread with butter, try making a dip with extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic, chilli and lemon zest and pairing with a wholegrain baguette.   

Line smoothers

Antioxidants fight against free radicals which break down the essential collagen and elastin proteins in the skin. Fresh fruit and vegetables are natural sources of antioxidants. As a general rule, darker skinned fruits and vegetables have higher antioxidant content. Top 5 line smoothing beauty foods: Berries – Acai berry is one of the richest sources of antioxidants. Mix acai juice in a blender with strawberries, blueberries and banana for a delicious smoothie. Add a mix of berries to your favourite breakfast cereal. Citrus fruits – oranges, grapefruit, kiwi fruit are all excellent sources of Vitamin C. Essential for the production of collagen. Tomatoes – one medium tomato provides 20% RDA of Vitamin A which plays an active role in the metabolism of skin cells. When cooked, tomatoes are an excellent source of lycopene, so add canned or fresh tomatoes to casserole dishes and pasta sauces. Garlic - Not only does it have strong anti-ageing properties, it's also a powerful antibacterial and antiviral agent.   

Firm favourites

As with vitamins, there are certain minerals that are vital for maintaining good looks. Top 5 firming foods: Calcium - a must for healthy skin and especially important for women after menopause in order to help prevent osteoporosis. Calcium is found in all dairy products, in green leafy vegetables, in wholegrains, and in certain fish, such as salmon and sardines. Selenium - helps to keep skin youthful and supple. It is found in eggs, onions, garlic, and tuna. Zinc – essential for skin health and for maintaining its elasticity. Oysters are the best source of zinc with the added advantage of allegedly having aphrodisiac qualities! Red meat and poultry are also good sources. Since a main source of zinc in the diet is animal protein, vegetarians need to ensure they eat plenty of beans, nuts, wholegrains and fortified cereals. Iron - promotes healthy red blood which is reflected in good skin colour. Iron is present in egg yolks, liver, red meat, green leafy vegetables, wholegrain products and fish. Silicon - a super skin smoother. Unrefined cereals as well as grains, apples, raisins, almonds and honey are all rich sources of this vital nutrient.  

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