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Why Imedeen Works

As market leaders in the field of skincare from within, Imedeen is committed to ensuring that the brand is recognised as a benchmark for excellence – not only by consumers, but also by scientists, dermatologists, cosmetologists and aestheticians worldwide.

In-vivo testing is carried out on volunteers under controlled conditions for scientists to assess the efficacy of the product. In-vitro studies involve isolating and culturing skin cells and tissues for researchers to see how they will react to certain ingredients.

There are over 15 independently published and reviewed studies confirming IMEDEEN´s skin perfecting effects and research is ongoing.

All the active ingredients are based on nature and have been scientifically documented to be safe and effective. Our research study highlights are organized for you by product.

Clinical Studies

From the age of 30, the bond between epidermal cells and the basement membrane starts to decrease. The loss of contact plays a part in the structural changes associated with skin ageing. A slowdown in cellular renewal is associated with loss of radiance and a dull, uneven complexion – the first visible signs of skin ageing.

The in-vitro research clearly shows that treatment with the key ingredient in IMEDEEN Derma One:

  • Prolongs the life of the skin cells by slowing down the natural ageing process
  • Stimulates the generation of new skin cells at the basal level and improves epidermal turnover.
  • A tenfold increase in keratinocyte proliferation was observed after 11 weeks
  • Improves the formation of basement membrane components which are essential for skin health

Although both the young and the old skin equivalents showed that treatment with IMEDEEN Prime Renewal improved the quality and structure of both the dermis and epidermis versus the control cultures, the results for the aged skin equivalent were much, more impressive than those for the young skin and showed a greater increase in dermal density, higher production levels of both collagen and elastin and an improved epidermal structure. Moreover treatment with IMEDEEN Prime Renewal prolonged the life span of both young and aged skin equivalents, clearly demonstrating the anti-ageing effect of the active ingredients.

In the first study, one culture was enhanced with the IMEDEEN Tan Optimizer ingredients and another was kept without supplementation as a control. In the culture treated with IMEDEEN Tan Optimizer ingredients, the melanocytes had a much higher number of dendrites compared to the control culture. Melanin can therefore be distributed to a greater number of keratinocytes, resulting in more visible pigmentation. In addition, more melanin was isolated from the cells treated with IMEDEEN Tan Optimizer ingredients proving that the combination increases both melanin production and distribution.

A second study was conducted to analyse the protective effect of Tan Optimizer against UV induced damage to skin cells. Melanocytes enhanced with IMEDEEN Tan Optimizer ingredients and control cultures were irradiated with UV light and cell damage evaluated using a special laboratory technique called comet assay. The results show that IMEDEEN Tan Optimizer significantly reduces the damage caused by UV radiation and therefore will help protect against premature skin ageing caused by sun exposure.

The results were impressive. Compared to the controls, the skin equivalent supplemented with IMEDEEN Time Perfection ingredients showed a substantial increase in the density of the dermis. Detailed investigation also showed an increased amount of protein fibres - the elements that give skin its strength and elasticity.