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Is MSM right for me?

MSM is a naturally occurring sulphur compound in the body due to the foods that we eat. Low levels of this organic sulphur is found within a wide range of foods including fresh fruit and vegetables, milk, meat, fish, eggs and some grains. However as MSM is highly volatile, it is easily lost through processing and cooking, so unless you are eating a diet that is composed of primarily raw foods, it is unlikely that you will be receiving adequate levels of MSM to begin receiving its health benefits. Not many diets will include raw foods, which is why MSM supplements have become as popular as they are today so that we can gain its health benefits without having to alter our diets or eat differently.

MSM is vital to our general health and wellbeing but is only present in our body fluids and tissues in low concentrations and our bodies use up a significant amount of MSM every day, meaning that we must provide a supply of MSM in order to notice any of its benefits to our health. As part of the amino acid chain, we need a decent supply of MSM in our bodies; otherwise amino acids will continue to build the glands but will fail to produce the correct enzymes. This may eventually make us prone to unnecessary illnesses. MSM also acts as a flexible bond between proteins and when a cell dies a new cell takes its place. Without required MSM however, it will attach but become rigid, meaning that tissues may lose their flexibility and lead to problems with various parts of the body.

People who may benefit from taking MSM include:

  • People suffering from joint damage or painful, stiff and inflamed joints
  • People who wish to detoxify the body
  • People looking to improve flexibility
  • Those with certain skin conditions who want to improve skin health and complexion
  • People who wish to strengthen their hair and nails
  • Those looking to naturally increase energy