Winter Hand Care

Winter, that cold yet cozy time of the year which sees us grabbing our coats and mufflers before we dare step out door, can take a toll on our hands due to factors like:

  • Cold winds
  • Frost
  • Dry, warm air from heated apartments

Your two best friends that will help you keep your hands perfect during these winter months are moisturising cream and a pair of warm gloves. Follow these tips to keep your hands soft and smooth during the coldest of winter months.

  • Add creaming your hands with Atrixo cream to your beauty regime at the start of each day, or just before you go to work. Take care to spread it over your knuckles, fingertips, and between fingers.
  • Once you’ve creamed your hands, wear your gloves before leaving the house. Make it a habit to wear warm gloves when going out, even if it’s just for a brief trip.
  • Carry a smaller pot of Atrixo hand cream in your handbag so that you can use it throughout the day.
  • Avoid wearing nail polish during winter months if you have very sensitive skin as this may dry it out more.
  • Don’t share gloves with friends; doing so may pass around germs.
  • Apply Atrixo cream to your hands before bed.