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Summer Hand Care

The blessed summer months usually see even the most home-loving personalities into the great outdoors to enjoy the sun for a spell. Although each season has it pluses and minuses, summer can sometimes be hard on the hands, legs, and face as more time spent in the sun causes exposure to harmful UV rays that damage the skin. Here are some simple tips you can follow to keep your hands perfect during summer months.

  • Wear gloves while biking, gardening, or cleaning to protect the skin from calluses and from drying out due to cleaning detergents, time spent in the sun, and gardening.
  • Don’t forget to apply sunscreen lotion to both sides of your hands. Using a good amount of sunblock will protect your hands from black or brown spots cause by UV rays.
  • Avoid using harsh hand washes during the summer. The skin is already sensitive from extra exposure to the sun and needs extra love and care.
  • Apply moisturiser after washing your hands. Keep a pot of Atrixo hand cream handy beside your bathroom sink for easy access. Apply the lotion from the base of your fingers, on your palms, and top of your hands to lock in the moisture and protect your hands from drying out.
  • Massage your hands at the end of a long day of gardening to relax the skin, calm stiffened muscles in the hands, and increase blood circulation.
  • Use a little olive oil to massage your hands.
  • Before throwing out the soggy, leftover bits of ground coffee from the coffee machine, try rubbing a little of the grainy substance between your palms and over your knuckles and fingertips. Doing this will exfoliate the skin and give it a fresher, cleaner look. Salt works wonderfully for this beauty secret as well.
  • Keep your hands looking bright by mixing equal quantities of milk, tomato juice, and lemon juice and soaking your hands in the mixture for 15 to 20 minutes. You’ll feel the amazing difference.