Practicing daily care

The skin in the vaginal area changes with age just like the rest of the skin on your body. For this reason, it’s important to practice good daily care just like you would do with the rest of your body. The vagina is one of the most sensitive and delicate areas of your body and has more sweat glands than anywhere else. Because of this it needs special skincare products that are uniquely designed to meet these needs. It’s also important for the product of choice to have a specific pH range that will not aggravate the natural defences of the delicate pH balance that the vagina has.

Vagisil is made of skincare products for sensitive skin and is made of gentle ingredients that can be used to cleanse and care for the vaginal area. These products are gentle yet effective and will not cause any irritation or negative side effects. Vagisil’s range of daily care products are specially designed to help cleanse, protect, and maintain the health of your most intimate area.

To boost your intimate health you can use Vagisil products like these for every day care.

Vagisil Odour Block Protection Wash:

Can be used every day to keep you confident and clean. Because there are thousands of sweat glands in the vagina, exercise, your period, and daily happenings can cause feminine odours. This product will help cleanse the vagina and keep odours at bay.

Vagisil pH Balance Wash:

Things like your period, menopause, sex, and even regular skin cleansers can disrupt the vaginal balance and cause infection. This product can be used every day to help support a healthy pH balance. It’s clinically proven to help maintain a healthy pH balance and fortify your natural defences.

Vagisil Deodorant Powder:

This powder is made of moisture absorbing corn starch that helps keep you fresh and dry all day.

Vagisil Daily Feminine Moisturiser:

Provides you with instant long-lasting relief from dryness. Stress, hormones, and certain medications can all cause vaginal dryness. This light moisturiser is light, greaseless, and specially formulated to meet your needs on a daily basis.