Personal hygiene factors

In spite of all special creams, sprays, and wipes you use, there are times when things are just not right with your vaginal health. It is during these times when you need to seek help from a gynaecologist. There are certain signs and signals that you can use as an indication when something is not right. Some of these are:

  • Changes in your normal vaginal discharge. Changes in discharge colour, texture, and smell should be reported, especially if you get a fever as well, should be reported.
  • Bleeding between menstrual cycles
  • Any feelings of pressure or heaviness in the vagina
  • Any lump you feel in your genital area

If you notice any of these symptoms you should contact your health professional, preferably a certified gynaecologist. While there are effective ways to treat fungal infections with over-the-counter medications and products, it is more important to seek the advice of a doctor so that you can more clearly determine what type of infection it is and the best way to treat it.

Consulting your doctor will also help you rule out the possibility of these symptoms being caused by a more serious problem. Especially if you are already sexually active, you need to be sure you can protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases which can affect your health, ability to have a baby, or even your life.

Practicing good vaginal health each day is an important way of keeping your body healthy over all. Don’t allow any embarrassment over your body get in the way of you finding out the best ways to protect your health.