Tommee Tippee product FAQs

What is BPA and why are Tommee Tippee products BPA-free?

Bisphenol A (BPA) is one of the top 50 most-produced chemicals in the entire world. It is used in the manufacturing of many household items like plastic jugs, take-out containers and baby formula cans. In recent months, however, many environmental groups have expressed concern relating BPA in baby bottles. They suggest that BPA leak from the plastic into the milk if the bottle is heated in certain conditions or if they are cracked or scratched, which could then cause health problems for babies and children. Tommee Tippee has therefore taken on board advice from the Department of Health and the Food Standards Agency to avoid BPA and use polycarbonate instead to ensure optimum safety for your baby.

How should I wash my baby’s soother?

You should wash your baby’s soother with warm, soapy water before sterilising.

Can my baby have just one soother as they grow up?

No, your baby will need a new soother every month or so. Baby’s grow quickly and so do their mouths, which is why they need an age-appropriate soother. Each soother from Tommee Tippee has an orthodontic shape to ensure good oral development at every age.

Can bottles and teats be washed in the dishwasher?

Yes, all of the Tommee Tippee bottles and teats can be washed in the dishwasher. It is suggested to place them on the top shelf and also sterilise them after washing.

What’s the best way to store breast milk?

Breast milk can be stored in clean, sterilised containers in either the main fridge (not the door) or the freezer. It is recommended to label each container with the date and time of storage so that you can use the oldest milk first. Never put milk in the microwave to defrost, instead place it in the fridge, at room temperature or in luke warm water.

Do bottles need to be cleaned before sterilising?

Yes. After feeding, all bottles will need to be cleaned with warm, soapy water before sterilising.

When bottle-feeding my baby, where should the Easi-Vent valve be?

It is recommended that the Easi-Vent Valve should be at the top, near your baby’s nose.

What should I do if the milk flow is too fast or slow in the teats?

Tommee Tippee has categorised their teats by age: Size 1 for 0-3 months, size 2 for 3-6 months and stage 3 for 6 months+. These ranges are simply for guidance and your baby should let you know when they need to move up to the next stage. If they are comfortable then you do not need to change. If you find the flow is too slow or fast, try moving up or down a stage and see how baby adjusts. You may also wish to consider Tommee Tippee’s Variflow teats that have a special X in the end of the teat so that your baby can dictate flow.