Soothing your baby

There will often be times where your baby is trying to communicate with you and unfortunately the only way they know how is through crying! They may be hungry, uncomfortable, tired or in need of changing, but whatever the reason, there are ways to try and soothe little baby and keep them happy.

At around 3 months, it is completely normal for your baby to be crying for around 2-3 hours every day. This can seem like quite a lot, especially for long periods of time, but it is not out of the blue. Night time crying is also expected at this age and though it may seem stressful at the time, it will soon settle.

  • If your baby starts crying, check for the obvious signs first: do they need changing? Do they need feeding? Do they need a nap?
  • If the answer appears to be ‘none of the above’ then they may just be feeling a little uncomfortable and cranky so try carrying them around the house from room to room while talking to them soothingly.
  • You could also try taking them out for a drive as babies love the motion of being in the car.
  • They may be trying to tell you they want to suckle on something, so try one of the Tommee Tippee Soothers that are all Orthadontic Teat Shaped and approved by babies.
  • If your baby is crying at night, don’t rush to comfort them straight away. Children generally wake up more often in the night compared to adults so they could often cry out, roll over and fall back to sleep, so going in to comfort them will only wake them up properly.
  • Sticking to a regular bed time routine is the best way to help your baby sleep at night and will encourage them to settle down readily.


At around 6 months, your baby could be crying because they’re experiencing the discomfort of teething. Some lucky babies teething will be pain-free, but others can suffer from severe discomfort and pain. Babies are likely to feel some pain at some point of their teething process and they can come across many symptoms like a raised temperature, sore and swollen gums, dribbling, poor appetite and rashes around the mouth and chin.

Many babies also feel the need to chew a lot while their teeth are coming through as it could help to ease the pain. Applying pressure to the sore spots on their gums can help with the swelling. This is where teethers come in handy and Tommee Tippee’s range of teethers all help to relieve your baby of pain and swelling. Each teether features a special cooling surface to help sooth sore gums and offer different textures to massage tender gums and promote quickly cutting teeth.

Because teething can happen from birth, Tommee Tippee has created a teething range with products suitable for all babies of all ages. Their Easy Reach Teethers are perfect for alleviating pain and discomfort, while their toy teethers can provide distraction and entertainment as well as something they can chew on.