What is H-Pantoten?

Hair loss, while common (affecting half of all men by the time they reach 50) is still distressing. It can take ages to get used to thinning hair and most men will try to cling on to what little hair they have. This is why H-Pantoten is a useful product as it helps to circulate blood to the hair follicles which may slow or prevent hair loss.

What is H-Pantoten?

H-Pantoten is a nutrient-rich substance thought to increase blood flow to hair follicles. It is used to prevent hair loss and revitalise dull hair.

Why do I need H-Pantoten?

H-Pantoten is mostly used to treat hair loss in men. As men age, the membrane between the skull and the scalp - known as the Galea - starts to thicken. In some men the membrane grows to be 10 times its thickness from infancy. As this happens, the Galea compresses the scalp squashing the blood vessels that circulate blood underneath. This means less blood reaches the hair follicle and root, starving them of essential nutrients. Undernourished, the hair starts to grow thinner and more fragile until it eventually stops growing altogether.

H-Pantoten contains a number of important antioxidant-rich nutrients including: calcium pantothenate (vitamin B5), niacin (vitamin B3) and vitamin H (also known as biotin or vitamin B7). Working together, these B-complex health-boosters are thought to re-establish normal circulation to the scalp by dilating the compressed blood vessels allowing blood to reach the hair follicle and roots. This means the nutrients already circulating in the blood stream can finally reach the hair follicle which should help induce hair growth.

H-Pantoten is generally used by men with thinning hair and hair loss. But women may find it beneficial too as it can improve the appearance of dull, fragile hair. It may also refresh the skin and strengthen nails.

Can H-Pantoten ever be bad for you?

Some B vitamins at high doses can interfere with prescribed medication. In addition, vitamin B5 when taken in large amounts might upset your stomach while vitamin B3 in very large quantities can lead to liver damage. As with all vitamin supplements, try not to exceed the stated dose or double-up by taking different products that contain the same ingredients.